Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez

Today, in Melbourne, Australia, the Mexican Red Bull driver, Sergio Perez, who had a great weekend in Saudi Arabia, suffered from huge technical issues in the RB19. He had to end the qualifying session of the Australian Grand Prix prematurely and will start tomorrow from the last P20. The start from the backmost position will indeed be the biggest disadvantage with Checo. This might not let the team Red Bull claim three consecutive one-two wins of the season. But why so? What problems did Perez face in the car while his teammate Max Verstappen successfully claimed the pole position? Let’s see what the driver himself says.

Despite the fact that RB19 is the fastest car that even Lewis Hamilton has ever seen before, it has some BIG issues. Last time, Max Verstappen faced driveshaft problems, which made him start the Jeddah Weekend on P15. This time, Sergio Perez faced a brake balancing issue, due to which he crashed and will have to start the Australian Grand Prix from P20.

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Speaking to the media, as quoted by ESPN, Sergio Perez, being a little disappointed, explained what exactly happened with his shining blue car. According to him, a bit of a technical issue hit the car in the free practice session itself. Checo thought that this issue had been resolved, but sadly it was not something that could be fixed overnight. “We did not fix it, and it made things really difficult,” he said.

Red Bull Must Fix The Technical Issue, Otherwise, Sergio Perez Won’t Win

Perez explained the scenario as very “difficult.” It was the most formidable job to maintain the balance in the brakes. “I was turned into a passenger as soon as I touched the brakes,” he said. Checo knows that there is something that is moving the brake balance quite far forwards. And if this prevails tomorrow, too, it will be proved as huge damage to Red Bull’s driver’s championship.

However, Sergio Perez hopes to see the issues getting fixed in the main race of the Australian Grand Prix. “I hope we are able to minimize the damage tomorrow,” he said. Meanwhile, he denied speaking the details about what exactly happened with the RB19 at turn 4 of the Albert Park Circuit today.

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Despite the huge damage, Checo is confident that the team will be able to fix it as a team “and hopefully minimize the impairment,” he repeated. Driving through the tricky track in Melbourne, Checo knows one thing it’s a difficult path to overtake. As he will start from P20, he will have to pass each one of the 19 drivers ahead of him in order to win or to achieve what Max did in Jeddah.

Nevertheless, so far, two failures of Red Bull have made things difficult for the drivers. Anyone can point out now that Red Bull is not going to have pleasant weekends every time. But the best about it is that they are capable of fighting back against the problems coming through. The Competition is going to be very strong if Red Bull fails to put it all together,” said the Saudi Arabian grand Prix, winner.