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Lewis Hamilton, the man who can take any car in the world to the highest speed, is now ready to fly and shine beyond this world.

A space trip! Yes, Hamilton has been promised a trip to outer space of the earth, to the moon, by none other than Elon Musk, the man who dreams of a home on Mars. The lands on earth are now a usual thing, right? People have been on trips to each corner of the world. Why not try something out of this planet? “Where are we going next?” On Mars? said Musk. “I am ready to go to space at any stage,” says Lewis.


Recently, in a fan event held at the Australian Grand Prix, the seven-time world champion revealed his friendship with the world’s second-richest man, Elon Musk. Hamilton said, “Elon has been to my party in Austin.” For the past few years, Musk has been an attendee in the “dinner like a party” that Lewis Hamilton has been throwing. Meanwhile, Mercedes’ second lead driver, George Russell, pointed out that Lewis calls the CEO of SpaceX, Mr. Musk, by his first name Elon just like a good friend. “I love the way he says Elon,” he said.

Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes driver

Hamilton replied, yes, it is definitely “not easy to speak to someone like that” because Elon Musk is not just a normal human being; he is insane when speaking of his brilliancy and expanded mind. When you think of going to Mount Everest, he thinks of Mons Huygens [the tallest mountain on the moon]. The coolest place you can think of is Antarctica, where the temperature rises to -70 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, Musk thinks of the poles of planet MARS where the average temperature reaches up to -195 degrees Fahrenheit. His mind is on such another level; he thinks beyond the earth! So Lewis Hamilton, who is a star of this land, gets nervous when he talks with a spaceman, Musk.

Lewis Hamilton Is Going To The Space Soon On The SpaceX Ship!

Besides, the Mercedes star disclosed the types of chats he conducts with the SpaceX CEO. He talks about landing on the moon. And plans, things like, “Where are we going next?” Announcing his voyage with Musk to space, Hamilton proclaimed that “at some stage, I am going to outer space, yes!”

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The Seven-time F1 world champion too much excited about going to the space trip

However, Lewis Hamilton will not be the first passenger on the ship that the SpaceX company launched. They have announced the name of their first passenger. It is Dennis Tito. And perhaps, the second passenger is already lined up with us, Lewis Hamilton. He is so enthusiastic about the voyage that he even asked Elon Musk to let him fly the ship. But sadly, it comes automated. Hamilton, in a funny tone, suggested that he was not going as the first passenger because spaceships usually blow up on the way!

The owner of Tesla and Twitter talks about let’s go to Mars to Hamilton. And the seven-time world champion remains excited about going to space at any stage, as he revealed.