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Red Bull Claims They Can Get Better Results With Mercedes-Style Sidepods This Year

Red Bull won the last two constructor titles in a dominating fashion. Their dominance is quite unprecedented. In the history of Formula One, there has never been a team before that won 38 races in a matter of a couple of years. Moreover, it is not hard to come to this conclusion that last year’s car of the Austrian team, might be the fastest car in F1’s history. Christian Horner’s team has been enjoying the dominance of their superior car as well as their star racer, Max Verstappen. In a matter of three years, the Dutch driver entered the elite list of three-time F1 champions. He has been racing in F1 since 2015. But it took a long time for the Dutchman to win his maiden title.

However, since he did, it has not seemed like he’s planning to stop winning anytime soon. Moreover, Red Bull has been coming up with faster cars every year since 2022. That’s why fans think in 2024, the Austrian team might again beat everybody in developing the fastest car. Lately, the Milton Keynes team launched the RB20 car, which has Mercedes-style sidepods. After the season Mercedes had last season, it doesn’t seem like a very smart idea to copy their sidepods. But the Red Bull advisor hopes to see the team take some cautious approach ahead of the test in Bahrain.


Red Bull Will Be Eager To Find The Solutions That Mercedes Couldn’t Last Season For Their Sidepod Concept

Red Bull RB20 Sidepod Autosport
Red Bull RB20 Sidepod Source: Autosport

Recently, in an interview with the Servus TV, Helmut Marko mentioned Mercedes saw convincing data of their zero sidepod concept last year. But in practice, that data did not work at all. Now, the Red Bull Racing’s advisor said they will have to successfully implement that solution or “Let’s say a similar solution” in the tests. Adding to that, Helmut Marko mentioned the car designer, Adrian Newey always favored F1 cars without radiators. However, it is very hard to do for the engine people. That’s quite logical.

Moreover, Marko also talked about the difference between the sidepod concept of Mercedes in 2023 and the RB20’s sidepod concept. The Red Bull advisor mentioned they don’t have it as extreme as the Silver Arrows. However, in terms of the idea, they have the concept in a similar direction. Moreover, the Austrian team’s motorsport advisor also mentioned that the launch car will be the key in the formation of the basis of the Red Bull’s 2024 challenger. That’s the car Red Bull would start with in 2024. 

Helmut Marko Praised The Efforts To Improve On The Vastly Superior RB19

Helmut Marko Red Bull
Helmut Marko Red Bull Source: PlanetF1

When a team goes through a perfect season, it is quite hard to replicate or improve that in the following years. Last year, Red Bull won 21 races out of 22 overall, thanks to Adrian Newey’s RB19 design and the incredible Max Verstappen. The Dutch driver won 19 of those 21 GPs himself.

On the other hand, Sergio Perez won the other couple of races for Red Bull. But Helmut Marko believes what the Milton Keynes team tried to do with the 2024 challenger is not just an evolution of the RB19 car. But it is sort of a “Small revolution.” He is very happy with the way the car worked out in the simulation as well as in the wind tunnel.

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