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Red Bull Boss Holds Meeting With Max Verstappen’s Image In Dubai

Max Verstappen made Red Bull title holders again. From 2014 to 2021, the Austrian outfit had been unable to win the title. It was the Mercedes era that lasted till 2021. Even in 2021, the Dutch driver was able to prove his greatness. Clearly, that year, Mercedes had the fastest car. They won their eighth consecutive constructor title. But the Dutchman broke the streak of Lewis Hamilton as he won his maiden world championship. That marked the end of the Mercedes era. And Red Bull has been dominating the grid ever since. Thanks to Max Verstappen and the brilliance of Adrian Newey behind the car’s design.

On top of that, the engine partners of Red Bull, the Honda team, have been a blessing for them. Clearly, the cost cap era belongs to the Austrian team. And it does not look possible for the rest of the F1 teams to beat Red Bull up until 2025. From 2026, there will be new regulations that can change the luck perhaps. Everything seems to be going right for the Austrian outfit on track. But there is a rumor of Red Bull getting “Torn apart internally.” Lately, Christian Horner had a meeting with the management team of Max Verstappen in Dubai. 


What Happened In The Meeting In Dubai Between Red Bull Boss And Verstappen’s Manager?

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Shocking news took the F1 world by storm when a Red Bull employee accused Christian Horner of “Misconduct.” As a result, the parent company started an internal investigation. Later, Red Bull GmbH dismissed the investigation on Horner for inappropriate behavior. But then there was another rumor that things were not okay between Jos Verstappen and Christian Horner. There was a footage that showed Verstappen Senior and Horner in a heated conversation. Later, Max Verstappen’s father said Red Bull can torn apart if Horner stays in his position. But then a spokeperson of the Red Bull team mentioned there are no issues as the team is focusing on racing and there is a good sense of unity.

Amidst this confusion, Verstappen’s manager and Horner had a meeting in Dubai lately. Apparently, the Press Association stated that the talks “Went well.” During the meeting on Monday, senior Red Bull Team members were also present. Max Verstappen had a great race in Bahrain on the opening weekend. But the main topic was about Horner. He has really been dominating the off-track conversation in F1 right now. The team kept the findings of the investigation and the meeting private for confidential reasons.

Nonetheless, Max Verstappen Praised Horner For Being An Incredible Boss

Red Bull Max Verstappen Christian Horner
Red Bull Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: PlanetF1

On Friday, Max Verstappen offered praise for everything Christian Horner has achieved throughout his career as a team principal. The Dutch driver praised Horner for how he operates within the team. Max said nobody can question Horner from the performance side of things. That’s what the reigning three-time champion told the media including PlanetF1.

Moreover, Max said he talks to his team boss a lot. And he knows how committed Christian Horner is to the team. Moreover, Max Verstappen said Horner might be a little distracted but he’s there for the performance. The whole team focuses on the performance, as per Max, “That’s how we work together.”

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