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The light-hearted back and forth between the Mercedes and Red Bull principals, Toto Wolff and Christian Horner, is not new for the F1. In fact, fans have quite enjoyed this banter for some time. Meanwhile, recently, Chris Horner has added a new chapter to this banter. He admitted that he would like to inflict pain on Toto Wolff. 

Chris Horner Would Like To Inflict Pain on Toto Wolff!

The head of Red Bull has jokingly expressed his desire for his team\’s current success to continue. So they can show Mercedes can have the taste of their own medicine. Max Verstappen interrupted Mercedes\’ eight-year streak of claiming every championship at the conclusion of the 2021 campaign. Red Bull will likely win both championships this year if his momentum continues into 2022 and Mercedes falls behind.


Toto Wolff has taken a hit with Christian Horner\’s admission that he wants to \”inflict pain\” on him and rule the sport for years to come. The head of Red Bull stated that he would want to win in Formula One for the following eight years in what appeared to be a sly jab at Mercedes, who reigned for seven seasons. However, while talking to Sky Sports, Horner emphasized that other teams were still able to find some speed, making a period of dominance similar to what Mercedes experienced \”unlikely.\” Horner said, \”I can only wish to inflict that amount of pain on Toto Wolff over the next eight years. 

Horner is optimistic that Red Bull can maintain their success. Verstappen had won five straight grand Prix races before this one. With 11 victories in 16 races in 2022, he is on the verge of matching the milestone for the most victories in a single season. Verstappen has risen from as low as positions 14 and 10 on the grid to claim the previous four victories. Similar to Lewis Hamilton\’s successful drives throughout the years. At Monza, he took the lead quickly after starting from sixth.


If things go his way, Verstappen may win the championship in Singapore the next time around. However, obtaining it in Japan or the US appears to be a given. Verstappen must win the next four races in a row to equal Vettel\’s domineering nine-race winning streak from 2013, but the overall victory record appears to be within reach. Mercedes, which dominated for seven years, is currently suffering one of its worst seasons.

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