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The Japanese Grand Prix got done and dusted last week. And now, the teams are headed to the United States Grand Prix. Meanwhile, the winner of the Japanese GP and the runner-ups, Red Bull and Ferrari, is scheduled to face a grid penalty in the upcoming race. 

Ferrari And Red Bull Might Face A Grid Penalty In US GP!

There\’s a chance that the starting grid for the 2019 United States Grand Prix may be chaotic once again. According to sports expert Michael Schmidt, there will be a lot of grid penalties in Austin. Formula One attempts to minimize expenses in many ways, limiting the number of engines used in a season. Almost every team exceeds the limit during practice and is penalized on the grid. Because of it, the starting grid for the Italian Grand Prix this year was utterly fouled up, and we may anticipate a repeat for the American Grand Prix.


The sports writer claims that numerous American teams are planning to change engines. With just four races remaining, Sunday\’s race at the Circuit of the Americas will be a good opportunity to overtake. Thus, Max Verstappen may receive a fresh engine from Red Bull Racing, but Sergio Perez will also start last.

In addition to Red Bull\’s drivers, the Ferrari-powered teams would require a new engine once more. Considering how unreliable the Ferrari engine has been this season, switching engines for the next four races is not outlandish. Schmidt speculates that AlphaTauri may decide to use a new engine. The starting grid in America might become chaotic once more, allowing Mercedes drivers to profit from it. However, Verstappen\’s recent overtaking races make it possible that the reigning world champion may still win easily.

Ferrari Boss Frustrated Over Grid Penalty Rules!

Mattia Binotto has lately requested that the FIA rectify grid penalties after teams got confused during qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix. Seven drivers, including Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, received grid penalties for utilizing new engine components. Drivers and teams were puzzled about where they should begin the race after qualifying due to the sheer quantity of penalties. Charles Leclerc has started from the bottom of the grid twice for Ferrari this season, which has also been a factor.

Leclerc & Verstappen

In his request for a decrease in the fines imposed on drivers, Binotto stated that the problem needed to be addressed. The Ferrari team manager has even requested that the FIA raise power-unit limits to guarantee that most teams do not exceed the limit. Teams reportedly held off on posting announcements regarding their grid placements because they were unsure of where they had qualified. Fans\’ perplexity increased because the FIA did not release a definitive grid until many hours after the session.

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