Formula 1 in Las Vegas

The excitement around the Las Vegas Grand Prix took an unexpected turn as two big Formula 1 teams, Red Bull Racing and Mercedes, found themselves breaking the rules. In a surprising move, both teams broke the nighttime work rule set by the FIA while working on their high-performance cars. The FIA, which oversees the rules in Formula 1, confirmed the rule-breaking, but here’s the catch: since it’s the first time for both teams, no immediate punishments will be given.

Unprecedented Curfew Breach in Las Vegas Grand Prix

The problem happened during the busy preparations in Las Vegas Grand Prix. Recognizing the challenges faced by the teams, the FIA extended the time they could work on their cars. This extension lasted until 07:00 local time due to unexpected delays. The meticulous work on Red Bull’s RB19 and Mercedes’ W14 continued beyond the extended time, inadvertently violating the rule. This accidental breach occurred during the busy preparations in Las Vegas. Every Formula 1 team has a ‘joker’ that lets them break the nighttime work rule twice in a season. Because this is the first time for both Red Bull and Mercedes, they used this allowance without worrying about punishments.

Las Vegas Grand Prix

Turbulent Start for Formula 1 in Las Vegas

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, filled with glitz and glamour, had some unexpected surprises. These surprises made the weekend even more interesting. The first day, initially planned for smooth preparations, instead had significant delays, making fans leave the stands. Popular drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen found themselves driving on the Las Vegas track well into the night. The practice sessions, crucial for getting the cars ready, were severely affected by the unexpected delays.

Formula 1 in Las Vegas 18 2023
F1/Formula 1 in Las Vegas

Adding more drama to the unfolding story, Red Bull’s Verstappen openly expressed his dislike for the Las Vegas track, calling it boring. What he prefers? Focusing on the skill of driving rather than the flashy show that Sin City promises. In contrast, Hamilton and Mercedes team leader Toto Wolff were strong supporters of the huge efforts to organize the Las Vegas Grand Prix. They are aiming for a good starting position in the race on Sunday. As the Formula 1 circus continues to entertain in the lively setting of Las Vegas, the rule-breaking by Red Bull and Mercedes adds an unexpected turn to the unfolding story, setting the stage for an exciting weekend of racing in the city of lights.