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The Los Angeles Lakers have performed average so far in the ongoing NBA in-season tournament. They crossed multiple hurdles to come out stronger but lost a few matches by a whisker and dropped to seventh place in the Western Conference. The recently concluded game against the Dallas Mavericks was a roller coaster ride in itself.

The Lakers managed to stay head-to-head for three quarters before slipping to a 20-point deficit in the fourth quarter. LeBron James provided the purple and gold a fighting chance with late heroics. But it was all in vain as the Mavericks sealed the game with a three-point lead. After the loss, Anthony Davis revealed the struggles his team had to overcome to avoid these heartbreaking losses.


Anthony Davis Calls For All-Round Play After Nail Biting Loss To Mavericks!

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis #3 of the Los Angeles Lakers. Getty

The Los Angeles Lakers, boasting a star-studded lineup with Anthony Davis alongside LeBron James, entered the season with high expectations. However, injuries and roster changes have presented obstacles that have impacted the team’s chemistry and offensive efficiency. The recently concluded matchup with the Dallas Mavericks further exposed the team’s lack of ability to control both ends of the court simultaneously. Anthony Davis, LA’s future leader in making, highlighted the same during a post-match press interaction. He says his teammates need to create more open-shot opportunities. “We had a lot of shot-making that kinda affected some of us, especially when the shots are wide open,” said Davis.

Anthony Davis stayed on the back end of the court throughout the game. He barely contributed with shot-making or ball-playing. AD was more focused on acing the defense, which is his responsibility this season. However, the center forward highlighted the importance of all-round gameplay, which is essential to win close games against tough opponents. He urged his teammates to execute their roles to perfection and ensure that both ends of the court were secured. “Regardless of whether we’re making shots or not, we got to be able to execute on the defensive end,” added Davis. Undoubtedly, the Lakers are lacking on the offense this season. LeBron James is going out of his way to contribute. But the lack of support proved costly. The season is still months long, and the purple and gold need to figure out a way to work things around.

LeBron James Says Huge Deficits In Fourth Quarter Bad Sign For Lakers!

LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James looks downcast in the closing minutes of their defeat to the Denver Nuggets. (AP Photo)

Meanwhile, LeBron James, whose late heroics reduced the gap during the Lakers matchup against the Mavericks, shared his take on the defeat. He says that while he loved to pull his team out of difficult situations, the huge deficits in the final quarter are not a good sign for LA. Against Mavericks, the purple and gold went down 30-13 in the fourth quarter, which hurt them in the final moments.

LeBron James, who has put his minute restriction plan on the back burner, urged the Lakers to do better. “But I liked our defense in the last 12 minutes. We just got to be better for the first 36,” said James. LeBron also added that he likes to play in the fourth quarter as it’s highly competitive. But at the same time, he needs to manage his workload as a 38-year-old athlete.