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CHECKOUT: Aaron Judge Studied Shohei Ohtani To Improve Hitting Skills? Gleyber Torres Reveals Truth

Shohei Ohtani, the two-way sensation, has taken the MLB world by storm with his exceptional two-way skills. He has been dominating the game from both ends, thus making a strong case for future Hall of Fame contention. However, Ohtani lost his 2022 season AL-MVP to Aaron Judge, which gave rise to a player battle.

While Shohei Ohtani redeemed himself to claim the 2023 season AL-MVP, Aaron Judge’s season stayed marred with injuries. Nevertheless, both stalwarts are the best representatives of the game of baseball and are equally skilled when it comes to hitting. However, a teammate of Judge recently revealed an interesting detail on the captain’s preparation process, which includes Ohtani.


Gleyber Torres And Aaron Judge Watched Shohei Ohtani’s Clips For Hitting Tips!

and Gleyber Torres high-five after Judge’s home run. Twitter NYY

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees’ elite slugger and captain, has been the pillar of the team’s offensive depth for years now. He solely kept the Bombers’ run production ticking during the 2022 MVP-level season. Judge was set on a similar path in 2023 as well, but health woes worked against him. On the other hand, Shohei Ohtani made good use of Judge’s absence to put in a strong performance, which earned him the 2023 season AL-MVP. Having said that, both the players are great legends in the making of the game. But apparently, the Yankees captain is taking a leaf off Ohtani’s hitting prowess to improve his own skills. Gleyber Torres, the captain’s Yankee teammate, made a revelation of the same.

Gleyber Torres, via a video posted on the X platform, said that he and Aaron Judge studied Shohei Ohtani a lot by playing his hitting videos on a loop. “We saw how he rotates, but Ohtani is right here, and I need to try to feel what it’s like to get in there,” added Torres. While Aaron Judge is yet to react on the same, the new piece of information shared by the Yankee baseman shouldn’t surprise anyone. Ohtani is a great hitter. But he is also left-handed. Perhaps Torres and Judge wanted to decode his stance and overall stride. It’s also because the two-way sensation hits the ball really hard and sends it packing way afar in the stands. Maybe the Yankee teammates wanted to understand how Ohtani generates that kind of power and from where.

Yankees Backtracks On Shohei Ohtani’s Free Agency Pursuit!

AP Photo/Adam Hunger

The newly crowned AL-MVP Shohei Ohtani is set to enter MLB free agency this off-season and might break numerous contract records in the process. While the New York Yankees emerged as one of the top landing spots, the former has apparently backed off. As per the latest rumors, the Yankees front office isn’t very keen on offering a deal to Ohtani.

The two-way player’s hesitation with geographical location and dislike towards the iconic Yankee Stadium is acting as a deal breaker. The Yankees are not keen on having a player who does not value the franchise or the opportunity to don the iconic pinstripes. Sadly, the fans’ desire to see Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani as teammates in pinstripe would remain unfulfilled.