Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is not just a driver; he is more of a superstar, celebrity, and maybe a future forecaster too. Yes, a soothsayer may fit perfectly for the seven-time world who posts a mirror selfie before every breaking news taking place in Formula One, whether it is about Daniel Radcliffe’s exit from McLaren or it is about the new principal Williams.

Recently, Williams revealed their the previous boss, Jost Capito, is leaving the team, and Mercedes strategist James Vowels is replacing him. And as a matter of fact, before the news got revealed, Lewis Hamilton posted a picture, A MIRROR SELF IMAGE, the same mirror image that he often posts times but soon after the post, a kicking-off drama arrived.

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Before going deep into how Lewis Hamilton can be considered a future forecaster, let’s know what is currently happening with the Formula One team, Williams. Last season, Williams remained the down most team in the driver’s and constructor’s standings. The team just scored 8 points which suspected a need for change in the team. Probably just when Ferrari became boss-less with Mattia Binotto’s exit, Williams was planning the same. As Frederic Vasseur replaced Mattia, Andreas Seidl replaced Frederic, and James Vowels replaced Capito.

Lewis Hamilton Already Predicted Another Drama With His Shirtless Photo

Why Capito got replaced by Vowels is not even a question. Everyone can see how badly Williams did in 2022, and in order to improve the team’s performance, the very important personality who gets all the responsibility, the boss needs to get changed. No other option. Now let’s see if James will be able to become a good principal or not. Toto Wolff gave his statement on the matter, saying, “it is naturally sad to say goodbye to such a capable Member of the team. I have no doubts whatsoever that James has all the necessary skills to become a fantastic team principal.”

Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton comes amid these Formula One dramas. It has become a truth that someone loses a job in the paddocks whenever the seven-time world champion posts a shirtless photo. It has been happening for a long time. Even the team Mercedes believes in this fact. For the first time, when Lewis Hamilton uploaded a picture, Sebastian Vettel announced his retirement.

The second time he uploaded a shirtless mirror self-picture, Daniel Radcliffe to leave MacLaren got revealed. The third time he did that, Nicholas Latifi’s exit was announced. As the driver posted another shirtless image two days back, Mercedes tried to say that the kickoff F1 drama was coming. And it indeed came. Williams’s principal got changed.

Not only that, when on November 15 last year, Hamilton posted a shirtless photo, Mick Schumacher lost his job. Aren’t these examples enough to announce that Lewis Hamilton somehow indicates breaking news coming with his shirtless photo? For some, it may sound ridiculous, but for millions of fans, this is something big! Via Twitter, many fans have suggested something is going on between Lewis Hamilton and Formula One drama.

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