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“Not A Foul-Baiter,” Warriors’ Stephen Curry Not Obsessed Over Foul Calls

Stephen Curry is the all-time leader of the three-point shots in the NBA. He revolutionized the game with his incredible shooting abilities. Moreover, the skinny kid from Akron, Ohio, became a fan favorite for his unbelievable long-range shots. Against all odds, Steph was able to lead the Golden State Warriors to become a modern-day Dynasty. Along with Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, Steph won four NBA Championships in eight years. Moreover, a lot of credit goes to the head coach, Steve Kerr, too. Recently, Kerr signed a historic contract extension with the Warriors. He became the highest-paid coach in the NBA’s history with a two-year extension worth $35 million.

The collaboration between Curry and Kerr resembles a lot of Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson’s coach and star player duo. After all, they have built dynasties, winning multiple championships in ten years. Steve Kerr always rates Curry highly. Lately, a stat shows Stephen Curry is the only player among the top scorers of the ongoing season with a very low rate of free throw attempts. It is unbelievable because, in the 2023-24 season, he is currently the fifth-leading scorer. When other players look for free throws to increase their ppg, Curry controls the game with his incredible three-point shooting. 


Stephen Curry Said He Never Wanted To Be A “Foul-Baiter”

Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry Source: Eurosport

Currently, Steph averages 28.1 points per game in the ongoing season. But he averages less than 5.5 free throw attempts per game. The other names in the top 15 list have relatively way more free throw attempts. At Chase Center on Thursday, the Dubs beat the Los Angeles Lakers 128-120. Steph scored 32 points. But he got only a couple of free throw attempts. Later, in the post-game interview, Stephen Curry told the reporters that he never worried about selling calls. Or he likes to call it being a “Foul-baiter.” That’s what he never wanted to be.

Adding to that, Curry said that he sarcastically cheered for getting two free throws that day. Anyhow, Stephen Curry mentioned that there were two or more possessions in the last few games where he thought, “It should have been a foul.” But Steph said he never liked the distraction that follows after arguing with the referees. That’s why he tries not to even engage with such arguments. He just let his shooting and high basketball IQ do the talking. After beating the Lakers on Thursday, the Warriors maintained the streak against the Charlotte Hornets. Coach Kerr was all praise for the superstar on his team.

Steve Kerr Praised Steph For Not Worrying About Selling Calls

Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors
Steve Kerr Stephen Curry Warriors Source: CBS Sports

The Dubs coach praised Steph for possessing the ability to light up the scoreboard without depending on the free throw attempts. Steve said Steph is the most skilled player he has ever seen. He has said that before. But Kerr pointed out that the league generally favors the players in the offense. That’s why a lot of players use the free throw attempts as an advantage. As a result, they go and seek foul. But Coach Kerr believes Steph has never been that kind of a player.

All Curry likes to do is find space because when he does, chances are he will knock down a three-pointer. That’s why Coach Kerr says that Stephen Curry doesn’t spend a lot of time in the free-throw line. But the Dubs coach also said that Steph will be there if they have a lead or players are constantly fouling. However, with the unbelievable skills that he possesses, Coach Kerr said Steph finds a way anyway. On March 14, Stephen Curry will turn 36.

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