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Yankees Skipper Optimistic About Anthony Rizzo And Giancarlo Stanton’s Mega Comeback

The New York Yankees have a lot to prove this year. In 2024, they look for redemption. Last season was nothing short of a tremendous shame and embarrassment. The team could not make it to the postseason for the first time since 2016. If that was bad enough, then how about the win-loss record? The NY side finished with an awful 82-80 record. No wonder they finished fourth in the American League East division. On top of that, the Bronx Bombers had the second-worst batting average in the league. The nine-time champions, the Oakland Athletics, were the only team to have a worse batting average than the Yankees last season.

Moreover, the 27-time champions had one of the longest Injured Lists the previous year. Veteran players, as well as young players, filled that list. Nothing really went right for the Pinstripes in 2023. Hence, they made some significant changes in the offseason. After adding Juan Soto and Alex Verdugo in the mix, the outfield and offense really look good now. However, the team would also like to see veteran players such as Giancarlo Stanton and Anthony Rizzo stay healthy to help the team go a long way.


Lately, Yankees Manager Showed High Expectations On Stanton And Rizzo

Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: ESPN

Last year, Anthony Rizzo suffered because of post-concussion syndrome. He could not play the whole season. Neither did Aaron Judge nor Giancarlo Stanton. The absence of the Yankees captain was obviously the biggest blow to their season. But Stanton has been the Designated Hitter of the NY side for a while. The team knows what Stanton can do if he stays healthy. But that’s the problem. With age and every season, Stanton just keeps getting more prone to injuries. That’s what worries the Bronx Bombers. But in the offseason, Stanton has been working hard, and he did get slimmer. Now, the question is if he can maintain his fitness throughout the season.

Aaron Boone certainly believes in them. Most importantly, the skipper is eager to see the right-left combination of Juan Soto and Aaron Judge in full flow. Then comes another right-left duo of Stanton and Rizzo. These two guys have been part of the organization for a while now. Boone wants Rizzo and Stanton to support the lineup after Soto and Judge. Moreover, the skipper mentioned Stanton is eager to leave the past behind and has worked really hard in the offseason to get slim and fit. Now, Judge, Soto, Rizzo, and Stanton can form a “Fearsome foursome” if they can stay healthy.

How Valuable Can The Righ-Left Combination Be For The Bombers?

Juan Soto Aaron Judge Yankees
Juan Soto Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

Having Juan Soto and Aaron Judge in the batting order is great for the team’s offense. But then, the NY side will need protection for the Soto-Judge duo. That’s what Stanton and Rizzo can provide. Aaron Boone wants Stanton and Rizzo to know how valuable they are to the clubhouse.

And if they can perform to their best, the team will really get stronger. These couple of right-left combinations can really produce obstacles for the opposing pitchers. But most importantly, if they stay healthy, they can stay longer on the field. After last season, they really need 2024 to be great to boost their morale. 

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