Aaron Judge
New York Yankees designated hitter Aaron Judge heads to the dugout after striking out swinging as Seattle Mariners catcher Cal Raleigh, left, stands near the plate during the fourth inning of a baseball game Wednesday, May 31, 2023, in Seattle. (Lindsey Wasson / The Associated Press)

Fortunately, the New York Yankees split the subway series with the New York Mets and entered the much-needed off-day on Thursday. After Wednesday, the Bronx Bombers slipped to the last spot of the American League East division, three games behind the playoff wildcard spot. A lot of problems have contributed to the downfall, but now it’s time to look for solutions.

Yankees have played more than 100 games and are yet looking to find their way through into the highly competitive East table. Meanwhile, with the trade deadline approaching, the next few games would be highly crucial for the Yankees as it set the course of their playoff race. Ahead of the crucial stretch, the team is gearing up to receive a massive offensive boost.


Aaron Judge’s Return To Boost The Yankees Playoff Push!

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone and right fielder Aaron Judge are on the cusp of qualifying for the playoffs.AP

After 102 games, the New York Yankees’ odds of making it to the playoff looks bleak. Yet, the team has not lost any hope, especially as Aaron Judge‘s return is inching closer. Since Judge entered IL, the Bombers have gone 19-23, which has been the major reason they fell so low into the East division. Meanwhile, Judge is expected to return as early as Friday against the Baltimore Orioles, and the Yanks are likely to hit max gear. In the next stretch of 10 games, the Yanks are set to face Orioles, Astros, and Rays. All of them rank above the Yankees in their respective divisions. If the Yanks are able to edge past them, their chances of making it to the postseason will elevate ten times. It’s because the next 30 games in the schedule do not seem highly competitive.

Along with Aaron Judge, the Yankees might also add a few pieces at the trade deadline. This will further strengthen the roster. Also, the current roster has been the healthiest ever this season. This is the team that looks capable of making it to playoffs. Having said that, to achieve the ultimate target, the team must treat each game as a knockout game. The outcome of these next 10 games could directly impact the Yankees’ chances of securing a playoff spot. Every win will be vital, and Judge’s presence can tilt the odds in favor of the Bronx Bombers. With the team’s destiny potentially hinging on this period, the Yanks must come together as a unit and give them all to secure victories during these make-or-break games.

Aaron Judge Back In New York After Playing Sim Games In Tampa

Aaron Judge
Yankees captain Aaron Judge takes batting practice with live pitching from teammate Jonathan Loaisga. JASON SZENES FOR THE NEW YORK POST

In his last recovery step, Aaron Judge went to the Yankees training complex in Tampa to play simulated games. He played two games on Tuesday and Wednesday. In those two games, Judge batted for whole five innings and swung a home run over right field. However, the slugger did not actively participate in field activities. His main focus right now is to bat at his full potential.

On Wednesday, Aaron Judge returned back to New York and is likely to be activated on Friday vs. Orioles. However, Yankees skipper Aaron Boone has neither confirmed nor denied it. Boone is awaiting the trainer’s report, and after carefully evaluating the progress, the team will come up with a plan.