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The New York Yankees have been through a lot of highs and lows in the last few months. At present, it is already pretty well known that the Yankees are trying their best to land quality starters like Blake Snell and Jordan Montgomery. However, there are quite a few more names, including Josh Hader and Dylan Cease.

But hands down, Snell is the best option available right now for a starting pitcher. However, the interesting prospect of reuniting with Jordan Montgomery is worth thinking over. But the new World Champions might not show any interest in trading Montgomery. However, the NY side is in Tampa at present, discussing their further offseason plans. 


What Did The Yankees Discuss On Monday In Tampa?

Blake Snell Padres
Blake Snell Padres Source: CBS Sports

On Monday, the coaching staff and the front office were in Tampa, planning and sorting things out. Clearly, they are still in the market with just five weeks remaining before the start of spring training to get a solid starter. Who’ll that be? That’s what the whole organization was strategizing on Monday. GM Brian Cashman and Manager Aaron Boone, plus their aides and coaches, were there to discuss. The new ones and even the returnees were there too. Moreover, the owner cum managing partner Hal Steinbrenner must have been part of the discussion as well. He sure does support Cashman with all the cash he needs to get the desired players.

Moreover, the General Manager might ask for a high-profile pitching free agent to balance and stabilize their bullpen. Will it be Blake Snell? The Yankees should go all-in for Snell if he really is the guy they are looking for. Or Pinstripes might like a deal with the righty Dylan Cease of the Chicago White Sox. They like the fact that he has two years of team control. It might entice the franchise. The Yankees might strike soon. Moreover, the fans are eager to know what was the final discussion on Monday. In the coming days, everybody will get to know.

How Pinstripes Made Their Outfield Really Strong This Offseason?

Gerrit Cole Yankees
Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: CBS Sports

After a terrible 2023 season, the front office promised to bring significant changes this offseason. They eventually made the fans really happy after signing the best offensive player available. Moreover, the fans in the Bronx are eagerly waiting to see the duo of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto take the outfield. The idea of what these guys bring to the table is just the focal point of the fan’s happiness this offseason. After landing Soto, Trent Grisham in the same trade, and Alex Verdugo from their rivals, the Boston Red Sox, the outfield looks pretty solid in the Bronx. Only time will explain how impactful they can be.

On the other hand, the NY Yankees sacrificed a lot of pitchers and catchers to get their desired outfielders. In the process, they are in desperate need of a starting pitcher. The Yankees really hoped to land the Japanese sensation Yoshinobu Yamamoto. But that’s an old story, and there’s no point dwelling in the past for the NY side. The Bronx Bombers must get over it to be smart enough to acquire the starting pitchers who can suit well alongside Gerrit Cole.