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In the fast-paced world of Formula 1, Monday, January 8, brought a lot of excitement with big changes that got fans talking. Important people left roles at the FIA, marking a notable shift. Meanwhile, bold predictions surrounded Lewis Hamilton’s pursuit of an eighth title. Let’s take a closer look at the major F1 news that happened, setting the stage for the upcoming season.

Changes at FIA and Lewis Hamilton’s Title Dreams

The day started with a big shift at the FIA as another senior figure, technical director Tim Goss, said goodbye. In a heartfelt statement, Goss expressed pride in contributing to shaping the future of the sport. He also conveyed confidence in the FIA’s technical department, particularly in preparing for future challenges and the new rules set for 2026.

Tim Goss
F1/Tim Goss

At the same time, McLaren CEO Zak Brown supported Lewis Hamilton’s attempt to win an eighth championship. Also, Brown is known for his straightforward approach. He discussed Red Bull’s interesting car development choices and speculated on potential comebacks by Mercedes or Ferrari, adding intrigue to the 2024 season.

Williams Continues Partnership with Mercedes

As the day unfolded, another significant development took place in F1. Williams confirmed their ongoing collaboration with Mercedes as the engine supplier, extending the partnership until 2026. James Vowles, expressing happiness about the long-term partnership, emphasized how well Mercedes’ knowledge and technology match with Williams’ goals. This decision makes Williams an important team with a Mercedes engine, just like McLaren did in the previous season. Christian Horner, the head of Red Bull’s team, added an interesting point to the ongoing story of the Hamilton-Verstappen rivalry.


Horner acknowledged a driver’s success can significantly influence their team. This raises questions about how Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen collaborate. Moreover, this revelation adds more excitement to the already intense competition between the two World Champions. In Maranello, rumors are swirling about Ferrari’s plans to unveil a new front wing for their 2024 car. Speculations suggest it may bear resemblance to the successful Red Bull RB19. The goal is to make the front of the car more stable, giving Ferrari a better chance to compete for the championship. With hopes high at Ferrari, fans are eagerly waiting for the reveal and its impact on their competitiveness.

Hamilton’s Attempt for the Eighth Title in F1 2024

Shifting focus to McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown’s perspective, he gave fans an exciting look into the team’s preparations for the upcoming season. Brown’s optimism about wind tunnels and CFD improvements sparks curiosity about a potential comeback. It raises questions about Lewis Hamilton’s pursuit of an eighth title in F1 2024. Brown acknowledges Formula 1’s heightened competition, attributing it partly to the budget cap. This paints a clear picture of a grid where the gap between teams has noticeably narrowed.

F1/Lewis Hamilton

Exciting battles for podium finishes are becoming more common, signaling a shift in F1 dynamics. Brown hints at an unprecedented era, promising fans a spectacle like never before. Furthermore, as the day comes to an end in the world of F1, the excitement for the 2024 season is reaching new heights. From changes in the technical side to important partnerships and driver dynamics, the off-season has set the stage for a captivating story. The countdown to the new season has officially started, promising fans a thrilling ride of suspense, competition, and the never-ending pursuit of success on the racetrack. Stay tuned for more updates as the drama unfolds in the fast-paced world of Formula 1.