Seth Brown, Michael Lorenzen, Lane Thomas

This season, the New York Yankees are likely to be active buyers during the much-anticipated trade deadline. The reason being; injury woes and subpar performances from high-end, reliable players. The two major areas of concern would be the outfield and pitching depth. With Aaron Judge likely to stay on the injury list for an extended period of time, the team needs a temporary replacement who can get them to the postseason, to say the least.

On the other hand, the pitching rotation has been incomplete right from the start of the season due to constant injuries. Carlos Rodon is yet to make his debut after eating up $162 million of payroll. And even once he returns, there is no guarantee he will be able to stay healthy till the end of the season. Hence, it’s wise for the Yankees to target the below-mentioned set of players at the trade deadline.


OF Seth Brown – Oakland Athletics

Seth Brown
Peter G. Aiken

30-year-old outfielder/first baseman of Oakland Athletics, Seth Brown, is hitting .191 with six home runs and 18 RBI in 39 games this season. He also missed 40 games at the beginning of the year due to an oblique injury. While his offensive numbers are somewhat subpar, the Yankees can expect him to explode with a change in scenery. He is a perfect trade candidate for the Bombers and can solve two major problems. First obviously is the outfield, and as a left-hand hitter, he could bring the much-needed balance to the lineup. The baseman is a low-risk, high-value candidate with minimal charges.

RHP Michael Lorenzen – Detroit Tigers

Michael Lorenzen
Sam Greene

Michael Lorenzen is currently playing on a one-year $8.5 million contract with the Detroit Tigers, who are most likely out of the playoff race. Hence, the pitcher will not oppose a change of scenery. Having recorded a 3.97 ERA and 1.16 WHIP in 77 innings, the right-hand pitcher would be an excellent addition to the bullpen. He can occasionally come out in the middle of the game to close out a few innings with minimal to no damage. Michael had also made six quality starts in 13 games this year, which put him in contention for a rotation spot if things go south.

OF Lane Thomas – Washington Nationals

Lane Thomas
Credit: AP

Washington Nationals breakout outfielder Lane Thomas is hitting .298 with 14 home runs and 43 RBIs this season. The outfielder’s current form does not align with his team’s performance. The Nationals are still in the building era and need a cash infusion to meet the end goal. With Thomas still under contract till 2025, it’s unlikely Washington will squeeze off the high value of the outfielder in the later years. Hence, shipping Lane to the Yankees right now would be a fair deal for both teams. Lane’s addition will most probably boost the Yankee’s struggling offense and put them back in contention for playoffs.