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New York Yankees Nestor Cortes Ranks Lowest In Major League Pitchers Rankings

New York Yankees nasty pitcher, Nestor Cortes, was recently overlooked in the pitchers ranking by the Athletic.

Nestor Cortes, initially drafted by the New York Yankees in 2013, was traded to the Baltimore Orioles in 2018 and re-signed with the team as a free agent prior to the 2021 season. He was a non-roster invitee to spring but impressed enough to earn a spot on the opening-day roster. Since then, the pitcher has become one of the most crucial members of the Bombers’ pitching rotation.


On the other hand, this season, Nestor Cortes suffered a hamstring injury just a few days ahead of spring training. Further, the 28-year-old prioritized New York and oped out of the World Baseball Classic, where he was scheduled to represent Team USA. After an entire month of rehab, the former all-star made his much-anticipated spring training debut and impressed all with his nasty fastballs.

The Athletic Overlooks Nestor Cortes In Recent Pitchers Rankings, Place Him At The Bottom

Nestor Cortes
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Nestor Cortes had a breakthrough season in his first year with the New York Yankees in 2021. In 93 innings, he posted a 2.90 ERA with 103 strikeouts. Apparently, Cortes’ outer appearance and nasty fastballs made him a fan favorite in New York. Despite his success, the pitcher was not ranked in the top categories of the recent major league pitchers rankings by The Athletic. The ranking is comprised of five categories, the inner circle, the ace, the third who might make it to the ace, and the fourth who is good at baseball.

However, Nestor Cortes got placed in the fifth and lowest category. It comprises pitchers who just exist in baseball for the sake of roster formation and are often referred to as “just a guy.” Regardless, it’s worth noting that rankings like these are often subjective and can change quickly based on a player’s performance. Cortes may not be one of the best pitchers out there, but he certainly has the potential to be one. Moreover, as the new season begins, he will have added responsibilities on his shoulder to carry the team’s starting rotation in the wake of injury concerns.

Cortes, Cole: The Only Two Healthy Pitchers For The Yankees This Season

Gerrit Cole and Aaron Boone Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Meanwhile, the New York Yankees have some deep thinking to do. They have a mountain of difficulties to face before the 2023 season opening day commences in two days. The pitching depth, the aspect they emphasized greatly in the spring training, is biting them back. One by one, they have lost all their depth in these two months of spring training. Further, it has reached a low point where Gerrit Cole and Nestor Cortes remain the only two healthy and available pitchers in the bullpen.

Carlos Rodon and Luis Severino are the latest and most crucial prey. While Rodon strained his forearm, Luis suffered from a lat strain. Hence, both pitcher will formally begin their 2023 season on an injury list. With this, Domingo German and Clarke Schmidt both find a place in the rotation. However, there remains a place for one. Ron Marinaccio could make the cut considering his above-average spring training performance.