Max Kepler
Max Kepler

New York Yankees made a pact to have an aggressive off-season after last season\’s embarrassing loss against Astros. However, the journey wasn\’t a bed of roses as the Yanks dealt with major issues. After spending over $500 million on just four players, the Yankees have now run out of cash. Yes, you heard that right. The second largest franchise in the sports world, New York Yankees, has run out of money.

Now, the payroll issue is causing a major roadblock in the Yanks\’ outfielder acquisition plans. Meanwhile, the Bombers\’ options in the market are declining with each passing day. Earlier reports came in that the Yankees have set eyes on Minnesota Twins outfielder Max Kepler. However, the latest development in the rumors is disappointing for New York supporters.


Minnesota Twins Unwilling To Trade Max Kepler

Max Kepler

Andrew Benintendi\’s departure left a bad omen for the New York Yankees as the club has struggled to find his replacement ever since. Moreover, the club played all its cards right but still failed to hold fruitful negotiations. Meanwhile, a few probable candidates appeared as potential interest in the Yanks\’ front office. Among them was Minnesota Twins outfielder Max Kepler. Reports came in the Twins want to trade Kepler and are reaching out to clubs for an offer.

However, according to the latest developments, the Minnesota Twins are unwilling to trade Max Kepler and will likely keep him on the roster for the upcoming MLB season. The Athletic news agency reported the Max Kepler trade probability has come down significantly. It is known that the Twins have not received the right offer from any club and hence decided to continue with Kepler. Further, Max was the Yankees\’ best available option as the club had run out of ways to buy an outfielder in the free-agent market.

\”The probability of the Twins trading Max Kepler has been significantly reduced,\” reports The Athletic.

New York Yankees Fans Unhappy With Twins Decision


The Yankees fan had high hopes for the Max Kepler trade. The reason being the Twins has a farm of outfielders, and it wouldn\’t hurt them much to trade Kepler to the Yankees. However, the Twins are in no mood to budge. Meanwhile, the Bombers fans are disappointed and use the Twitter platform to express it. Multiple fans claimed that the Twins have approximately ten outfield candidates and wondered what\’s stopping them from trading one of them.


— William Lofton (@wloft96) February 2, 2023

They literally have 10 outfielders wtf just move him (to the Yankees)

— Amanda (@mandyNYY) February 2, 2023

@SimonettiSource Jesus‼️ They have 5 OFs‼️

Wtf are they gonna do with all of them ?!!

— RocketMan120 (@Rocketman220) February 2, 2023

Good now Cashman can put him out of the consideration box for sure now 😂🙏

— Ang_The_Cookie 🇮🇹 (@Cookie1Ang) February 2, 2023

On the other hand, the Yankees have three more potential options in the free-agent market. Jurickson Profar, David Peralta, and Bryan Reynolds remain the three best options for the Bombers. However, Profar and David refuse to budge on the payroll issue. And the Yanks have luxury tax fines lingering over their heads. Hence, the club\’s hands are tied financially. Furthermore, the Pittsburgh Pirates have thrown ridiculous trade asks at the Yanks, which the club is unable to adhere to.

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