Yankees have the best slugger, apparently the best captain, and best right outfielders, yet they do not have the best rotations as a whole. When we talk about the left side of the field, the Yankees still stand with a big question mark. The spring training is almost at the door, the equipment has been transported, and the players are reporting to Tampa Bay, but the New York Bomber’s hunt for the left fielder is still on. They still lack in upgrading the AL East champions.

According to Baseball Night, even now, if the Yankees find someone worthy for the left fielder, even if it takes going the farthest in terms of trade, the Yankees will surely hire them. The standard number of left fielders that the Yankees themselves had suggested earlier is 7, but how many they have got this time is 4-5. Not meeting their own standard, how can Ynakees be so satisfied so far?

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Andt Martino spoke with the Baseball night on Tuesday. He said, “the left field is the place where I am getting the vibes that the New York baseball team is still in trade conversations with the teams trying to address that left field spot.” He believes that the Yankees are into Jurickson Profar. However, with him, there come a lot of concerns that the Yankees will have to face.

Arrival Of The Yankees Left Fielder Will Let The Way Out Of The Already Existing Ones

The payroll is one of the main concerns. In 2023, the New York team will have a payroll of $267.9 million. They are trying to remain untouched by the $293 million Steve Cohen Tax. But if the Yankees want the best rosters this year, they will have to have someone good to fill the left field. They will have to ask Jurickson Profar. Yankees will have to stop avoiding the $293 million tax.

Meanwhile, the other concern coming with the trade is the scores of Profar. He is already entering his 30s. However, in 2022, in the 152 games he played with San Diego Padres, Profar hit .243, 15 home runs, and 58 RBI. Becoming a free agent in 2022, the asking price of the player turned down to $8.3 million.

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Gleyber Torres

Nevertheless, the $8.3 million will not let Ynakees breach the $293 million amount, but it will take the team too close. According to Martino, there is a way by which Yankees can save themselves from exceeding. The Bombers can unload some of their already existing players. They can replace or remove Gleyber Torres from the team in order to have a significant left outfielder.