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New York Yankees Front Office Huddles Up As Playoff Elimination Inches Closer

The New York Yankees lost a crucial series to Boston Red Sox by 3-0. The hosts were swept into their own den by the arch-rivals who were not far ahead of them. This last weekend has arguably been the lowest point of the season for the Bronx Bombers. With the series loss, the team fell 8.5 games below the playoff wildcard spot.

With 39 games remaining on the schedule, the odds of making it to the postseason are getting bleaker for the New York Yankees. The East division is undoubtedly the most competitive division of MLB. Hence, rising up the ranks won’t be a cakewalk. Having said that, the front office is contemplating desperate measures in order to salvage the lost season.


Aaron Boone Reveals Details Of Meet With Hal Steinbrenner And Brian Cashman

Credit: AP

For a franchise with a storied history of success and a devoted fan base, the current situation of the New York Yankees is undoubtedly disappointing. They are almost standing at the brink of a playoff elimination for the first time since 2016. While technically, the team still stands a chance; realistically, the season is already lost. Meanwhile, considering the alarming situation, the front office huddled up over the past week. Manager Aaron Boone confirmed the same and revealed the minor details of the meeting. Boone said he met with general manager Brian Cashman and owner Hal Steinbrenner regularly over the past week. He said that while the atmosphere is definitely not ideal, the front office is trying to fix things.

During the past meets, the trio discussed of best possible moves, which not only fix things for the short term but also help in securing the long-term future of the club. Those moves include decisions on the current bunch of veterans and the promotion of in-form prospects. The skipper confirmed that minor league prospects are very much in contention for promotion this season. Every possible scenario is on the table right now. As days progresses, the discussion will get more serious. Having said that, things seem beyond fixable for the Yankees this year. It’s only a matter of a couple of weeks before the team officially falls out of playoff contention. Covering 8.5 games deficit this late, that too in the East division, is just wishful thinking.

Aaron Boone Drops Bizarre Take On Yankees Ongoing Struggle

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone speaks to reporters before a baseball game against the Los Angeles Angels in Anaheim, Calif., Wednesday, July 19, 2023. Ashley Landis – staff, ASSOCIATED PRESS

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone’s unusual choice of words has once again landed him in hot water. Post the series loss to Red Sox, Boone referred to the Yanks as “sick animals.” He said the team needs to grind and come out to fight every single day, irrespective of the results. Times like this define one’s true character. Hence, each player much keep showing up till the very end.

Having said that, Aaron Boone is yet to give up on the season. He said that the Yankees still has a chance. Even if it is minor, Boone wants to bet on his team. The skipper believes it only takes one win to get back the lost momentum and turn things around. Hence, the Yanks are actively searching for their source of momentum.