Aaron Hicks Oswaldo Cabrera

Aaron Hicks, the New York Yankees’ probable left fielder, missed out on the opening-day lineup against the San Francisco Giants.

The New York Yankees contemplated a lot on their choice of a regular left fielder for this season. The free agency quest was unsuccessful as they could not close any substantial deal. Hence, they opted for the desperate resort and dived into the bullpen to find a solution. They even held auditions for the role in the recently concluded spring training.


However, the best name they could come up with was Aaron Hicks. Hicks signed a seven-year, $70 million extension with the Yankees in 2019 but has struggled to live up to expectations since then. In 2022, he hit just .216 with eight home runs and 40 RBI in 130 games. He also struggled defensively in the outfield. Hence, Many fans have been calling for Hicks to be benched or traded, given his disappointing performance and the fact that the Yankees have several other talented outfielders on the roster.

Aaron Hicks Snub From Opening Day Lineup, Fans Couldnt be More Happier

Aaron Hicks
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During the entire course of spring training, outfielder Aaron Hicks emerged as the leading contender for the Yankees left field job. Despite several defensive lapses, the Yanks front office turned a blind eye to it. However, at a certain point, utility player Oswaldo Cabrera started getting additional chances on the left and posed stiff competition to Hicks. Eventually, the Yankees came back to their senses and chose Cabrera over Hicks for the 2023 opening-day game against the Giants.

Meanwhile, the fans were quick to praise the decision to start Oswaldo Cabrera over Aaron Hicks on social media, with many expressing relief that they would not have to watch Hicks struggle at the plate or in the field. Regardless, it remains to be seen what the future holds for Hicks and the Yankees. While he is a talented player with a track record of success, his recent performance does not do justice to it. Moreover, if he is unable to turn things around, it is possible that he could move to the bench or even trade at some point this season.

Hick Still A Part Of The Yankees ‘ Long-Term Game Plan

While the opening-day snub certainly came as a blow to Aaron Hicks, he still has hope. Aaron Boone, the Yankees skipper, lately established that Oswaldo Cabrera earned his spot in the lineup with his aggressive intent in the spring training. Hence, they chose him over Hicks as a starter on the left field. However, it’s not the end of the road for the 33-year-old outfielder just yet.

Aaron Hicks
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As per Aaron Boone, he liked Hicks’s at-bats during the later stage of the spring. Not only that, he will play a more prominent role for the Yankees in the future. Moreover, as it’s still just the opening day, the first game of the long tournament, Boone seems unwilling to rule out his participation in the latter half of the season. Nonetheless, whether or not Hicks will receive a chance to make a comeback and win back the support of fans remains indeterminate.