Brett Gardner helped the New York Yankees win the 2009 World Series. His 14-year MLB career included an All-Star selection in 2015 and Gold Glove Award in 2016.AP

The New York Yankees have been struggling to find a permanent left-field solution for the past two seasons. This season, the club has experimented a lot as they had more than five outfielders start on the left. Aaron Hicks was the most preferred choice. But his underperformance led to his immediate ouster.

The instability in left field has had significant implications for the Yankees’ defensive and offensive performance. Defensive lapses and miscommunications in the outfield have cost the team crucial runs. At the same time, the lack of consistent offensive production from the left field position has hindered the team’s ability to maintain a potent lineup. Amid these, speculation of a possible curse has been gaining momentum.


Yankees Have Struggled In Left Field Since Brett Gardner’s Departure In 2021

Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge on free agent Brett Gardner: “We want him here.”AP

Brett Gardner, a fan-favorite and long-time Yankee, patrolled left field for the team for many seasons. Known for his gritty play, speed, and defensive prowess, Gardner was a regular starter in the Yankees’ outfield. However, as Gardner’s career wound down, the left field position became a point of concern for the team. Following Gardner’s sudden departure in 2021, the Yanks have attempted various solutions in left field, but none have provided the desired long-term solution. A mix of young prospects, free-agent signings, and mid-season trades have been tried, but the results have been less than ideal, leading to a circus-like atmosphere in left field. The Curse of Brett Gardner seems to have cast a shadow over the position, leaving the Bronx Bombers struggling to find a player who can perform left-field duties diligently.

To break the Curse of Brett Gardner, the Yankees must take a methodical approach to address the left field situation. The team’s front office must be proactive in their search for a solution, especially with the trade deadline looming over. While the market has shrunk significantly, a couple of options could really interest the New York-based team. Perhaps most importantly, the Yankees must avoid rushing into quick fixes. While it’s tempting to make immediate changes when results aren’t coming, thoughtful and strategic decision-making will be key to finding a lasting solution. While the curse may seem unreasonable at times, the club’ struggle this season has raised viable doubt. Ultimately, as the season progress, the Bombers must address these issue diligently to ensure long-term success.

Yanks Miss Out On Prime Left Field Trade Candidate

Cody Bellinger
Credit: Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it’s not that the New York Yankees have never tried. After the off-season rendezvous didn’t work out, the Bronx Bombers explored the trade market. Chicago Cubs’ outfielder Cody Bellinger perfectly fitted into the Yanks criteria. Moreover, he is in tremendous form offensively. However, in a major setback, the Cubs choose to pull him off the trade market. The Cubs recorded eight straight wins, which elevated their playoff chances.

Hence, to remain alive in the playoff contention, Cubs chose to keep their roster intact. Having said that, the Cub’s decision came as a huge setback for the Yankees. They thought of Bellinger as an ideal left-field solution. Nevertheless, the trade market is still open for a few hours. The front office could explore a few options before time eventually runs out.