Lewis Hamilton
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Back last year, it was reported that Lewis Hamilton has been working with Brad Pitt on his new film project related to Formula One. Undoubtedly, the fans are excited to know what the film is about. Is it a biopic on Hamilton or a whole other story? According to sources, the information that has come to light is that Brad Pitt will play the role of a Formula One driver in the film, but it might not be centered around Formula One entirely. Neither will it has to do with Lewis Hamilton.

However, to play the role of an F1 driver, Pitt has asked Hamilton to help him prepare for the role. And Lewis Hamilton sounded pretty excited when he mentioned, “I’ve high hopes for this film. It is going to be the best racing film visually and emotionally for the fans.”


F1 CEO Is Worried About Lewis Hamilton And Brad Pitt’s Project

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton Mercedes

The creators of the hit film Top Gun: Maverick are making this F1 film starring Brad Pitt. Albeit the story might be a fictional tale of a fictional F1 driver, it has already garnered criticism for invading the privacy of Formula One. According to Motorsport, The CEO of Formula One Group, Stefano Domenicali, expressed concerns regarding this film showing things that might be “quite invasive.” Domenicali was speaking to the investors, saying, “When we collaborated with Netflix for Drive To Survive, everybody in F1 said that’s not a place for us.”

The Italian manager also mentioned that they need to be careful in terms of production so that it does not get too invasive. However, the Netflix show has been very successful. And it displayed the power of social media tools as well. The drivers from different teams are joining the show to help grow the popularity of the sport. The Brad Pitt-Lewis Hamilton is made under the production house of the seven-time champion, Dawn Apollo Films. Jerry Bruckheimer is the producer, and Joseph Kosinski will be the director.

“This F1 Film Will Have A Great Prospect For F1,” Stefano Domenicali

Lewis Hamilton
Brad Pitt And Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

Greg Maffei, the CEO of Liberty Media, added the point that Formula One could not depend on the Netflix show alone. There need to be more activities to popularize the sport. The upcoming Brad Pitt and Lewis Hamilton film might be pushing it in the right direction. Maffei says it is essential to keep the game fresh for the fans. These people like Maffei, Stefano, and others have done a lot to popularize the sport on Instagram and TikTok, and other social media platforms. The CEO of Liberty Media is excited about the prospect of the Hamilton and Pitt film.

Maffei is mainly excited after the Top Gun makers joined the film. Furthermore, Maffei says the cars in the movie will get the technology from Top Gun: Maverick. Moreover, the makers are full of excitement to present a great spectacle for the fans. Also, it is important for people who are unaware of the sport to feel the fascination surrounding Formula One. The principal photography will begin soon at Silverstone. The maker has not yet come up with the title of the film. If this film works, it may hugely benefit sports like Drive To Survive.