Nestor Cortes

Nestor Cortes, one of the most recognizable Yankees All-Star pitchers, sometimes gets unrecognized even by the local people. He might be the star and inspiration for many, but sometimes Nasty Nestor has to feel bad because he does not get the celebrity treatment. No words against him. If he gets kicked off the field he grew up in, he should take this personally. Recently, through his official Twitter account, Cortes revealed how he is being treated by his fellow neighbors, which is kind of funny yet sad.

Everyone knows Nestor Cortes has a nickname, “Hailaeh Kid,” because Hialeah, Florida, is his hometown. This is the place he grew up. He made himself a worthy American League Baseball player. He got himself into the Yankees and became an All-Star Pitcher, a recognizable member of the world. However, recently, when Nestor Cortes went to one of the baseball fields, which is really close to his home, he was kicked off! This incident is kind of taken as a comedy moment. But deep down, Nestor knows something is not so proud about it.

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Nestor Cortes Needs To Do Something To Make Himself Recognizable

However, he himself shared the information via Twitter, saying, “I probably should not make a big deal out of this [incident]. But in the public park [where] I grew up and is very close to my home just told me that I could not play the catch here. This is because the field was rented out for Soccer. Mind you I was standing on the baseball field. luckily I was done.”

So this was the case. First of all, note that the park where Nestor Cortes was playing was not a SOCCER Field, it was a BASEBALL Field. And, yet, he was told that this place is rented out for Soccer. So it simply becomes a matter of disrespect. Anyone coming to claim the area and kicking off the baseball player, preventing Nestor from practicing, is a BIG DEAL. Just that Nestor Cortes can’t do anything about it except share it with his fellow followers in a fun tone. Ae added a laughing emoji at the end of the Tweet, which saved it from getting intense.

Apparently, the field was a baseball field, but he still was told to move from the park because it was already rented for Soccer is not an amusing moment for the Yankees All-star baseball player. Now, the question is, why is Nestor Cortes losing his celebrity gesture? How can he get the VIP treatment back, which is basically what he deserves? He will probably have to put together more seasons like his breakout 2022 series. He will definitely have to do something great in 2023 so that the localities start recognizing him. And, at least think before kicking him out of the park where he goes to practice baseball.

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