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Nestor Cortes Had A Pretty Good Training With Yankees’ Teammates On Wednesday Amid Recovering From Injury

The New York Yankees need their pitchers to deliver in the upcoming season. Last year, they had a pretty good bullpen. But that did not help their cause. Moreover, the outfield and offense of the team did not complement the pitching depth well enough. It was the offense of the NY side that really let them down last year. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers finished with an awful 82-80 record. It has really been a painful memory since the season was over. Ahead of the Spring Training, Gerrit Cole mentioned that they will use the last season’s failure as motivation, as it is still very fresh to this point. But the Yankees ace pitcher can rely on this year’s batting lineup to complement his department well.

After all, the combination of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto makes it all the more exciting and thrilling. Now, Cole might wonder if he can have a similar exciting combination with another pitcher. He might had that if the Yankees could land Blake Snell. But the current pitching department looks a bit shaky. Anyhow, pitchers like Nestor Cortes and Carlos Rodon have immense talent, and if healthy, they can help Gerrit Cole a great deal this year. Moreover, Cortes said on Wednesday that he cleared an important step. 


Nestor Cortes Looks Happy After His Wednesday Training

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On Wednesday afternoon, Nestor Cortes told SNY that he felt good after that day’s training and it was “A big step.” On Tuesday, Cortes struck out Juan Soto on three occasions in live batting practice. But it was essential for him to know how he would feel on the next day. Moreover, Cortes can be happy with his velocity that’s around 90-92 mph. That’s precisely where he wants it to be. He looked really sharp during Tuesday’s training session. Moreover, Cortes carved up Juan Soto with nicely pitched fastballs. His pitches landed on the hands and offspeed stuff away.

Anyway, the Yankees can be happy with what they saw so far from Cortes. He would like to get back to his 2022 All-Star form. But last year, Nestor Cortes sustained shoulder or rotator cuff issues. That really spoiled his 2023 season. Anyhow, Cortes was and still is a very important rotation piece for the New York Yankees. Hence, Cortes is trying to see how he might bounce back every morning physically. On Tuesday, he was throwing to the best hitters in baseball with fans present as well as the manager. Hence, it was important to get back well on Wednesday from the adrenaline and exertion. 

Yankees Would Hope The Pitchers Stay Healthy For The Most Part Of 2024

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Gerrit Cole Yankees Source: CBS Sports

Last year, the NY side had such a long Injured List. That really ruined the season for the 27-time champions. But this year, the Bronx Bombers look good, combining all the departments. All they need is their pitchers like Rodon and Cortes to stay healthy. That would really help Gerrit Cole a lot.

Even the 2023 Cy Young winner mentioned that the team’s outfield really gives them good reason to be hopeful. If the batting lineup can provide the cushion that the pitchers need during the games, then the Yankees can go a long distance, feels Cole. Anyway, to win the World Series, the NY side would need everybody to contribute.

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