Aaron Judge
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On Sunday, the New York Yankees endured a brutal loss, 7-1, against the Arizona Diamondbacks in a rain-hit game and officially fell out of the playoff contention race. It’s the first time since 2016 that an MLB postseason will be played without the presence of the Bronx Bombers. Having said that, it was long due as the Yanks kind of lost hope mid-season itself.

After a grave slump, the Yankees stooped to the bottom of the AL-East and fell out of the .500 ball club. They could not really recover from that low point, which eventually led to a disastrous fallout. Meanwhile, the captain of the franchise, Aaron Judge, turned up to face tough questions and offered his honest review on the failed season.


Aaron Judge Gets Brutally Honest On Yankees’ Playoff Elimination

Aaron Judge
Credit: Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Not even in his wildest dreams did Aaron Judge expect his first season as the New York Yankees captain to turn out this bad. On Sunday, the team officially fell out of the playoff race, and the leader was certainly livid. He turned up for the post-game press conference and gave a brutally honest opinion on the failed season. He said it’s tough to miss out on a postseason since it has happened only the second time in his major league career. Having said that, the off-time will allow him and the team to prepare better for the upcoming 2024 season.

Further, Aaron Judge dropped hints on major incoming off-season changes. “We got a lot to work on, a lot of things to change. A lot of stuff going on around here that needs to be fixed,” said Judge. While he refused to disclose any details, he admitted to having some reformative ideas, which he intends to pitch to the front office. Judge, being the captain, is likely to be actively involved in front-office decisions from next season. At the end of the day, it’s his team, and he has to have the right to pick his players. The franchise cannot depend on Brian Cashman to do the right job anymore. Overall, we expect major roster as well as leadership changes at the end of the year.

Cap Aaron Judge Labels the 2023 Season A “Failure”

Credit: NY Post

Aaron Judge seemed extremely disappointed and livid during the post-game presser on Sunday. As the Yankees fell out of the playoff race, the captain went ballistic. While reviewing the current season, he termed it as a complete “failure.” As per the slugger, anything less than a championship is a failure in his books. “That’s why I came back to New York with this group of guys. To build something and get New York back to where it’s supposed to be,” added Judge.

Lastly, Aaron Judge reassured the fans of getting things fixed in time for the 2024 season. The Yankees have two more series to go, and the captain is looking forward to finishing the year on a high to give fans hope to hold on until 2024. He even refused to shut down as the cap’s injured toe is still not at 100%.