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There is no surprise that Mercedes’ ace Lewis Hamilton will be 39 next year. Despite that, he has signed a contract extension with his team for another two years. But can the Silver Arrows provide him with a car to compete with Red Bull’s Max Verstappen? On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton is waiting to get a car to win his eighth Driver’s World Championship. He still has faith in the team that helped him win six titles between 2014 and 2021.

After all, Mercedes dominated the grid during the turbo-hybrid era. But since the 2021 Driver’s championship, Hamilton lost his grip on the title to the Dutchman. However, Lewis Hamilton trusts Toto Wolff and the Brackley team in Silverstone. The seven-time champion believes the Silver Arrows can still build a car to compete with the superior Red Bull’s car.


Lewis Hamilton Still Has Faith In Team Mercedes To Build A Faster Car Next Year

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After the Japanese Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton expressed concerns over the gap to the pace of Max Verstappen in Q3. The Briton mentioned, “It is crazy and worrying.” After the race on Sunday, Lewis Hamilton mentioned that he has been fighting as hard as possible with everything he has got. He tried to go as high as possible. But Ferrari was particularly quicker than before because they had an upgrade. Moreover, Ferrari has been pretty quick in the last three races. However, Lewis Hamilton said he is still holding on to the constructor’s title because it is very important to everybody back at their factory.

Moreover, Hamilton mentioned that W14 felt more like its predecessor in Japan as it was bouncing as well as sliding. However, Lewis Hamilton believes it was good teamwork to go past one of the Ferrari cars. Moreover, it was great teamwork during the pit stop and with strategy, as per the seven-time champion. But Lewis Hamilton mentioned he has no idea where the car is going to be next season. However, he hopes for the greatest development on the car in the next six months to close the gap to their rivals.

Is There Any Possibility Of Mercedes Ending Red Bull’s Hegemony Yet Again?

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Now, the question is, can Mercedes end the domination of Red Bull next season? They will need all the data and information available with their W14 car to be ready to build a much stronger car that can win races. Last year, Mercedes won a single race in the Brazilian Grand Prix despite immense porpoising issues. However, the W14 car is much better than the W13 car in terms of porpoising issues. Albeit, it is still winless. Moreover, the Austrian team proved to be superior to the rest, with 15 wins from 16 races so far.

On the other hand, Mercedes has won none so far this season. The only team apart from Red Bull to win a race so far has been Ferrari, with Carlos Sainz steering the wheel in the Singaporean Grand Prix. But again, Red Bull is back with their winning ways from the Japanese Grand Prix. They have won the current constructor championship. But Max Verstappen will need to wait for the Qatar Grand Prix to confirm his title victory this season.