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Lakers’ ace LeBron James can arguably be the greatest of all time. The NBA fans generally vote between Michael Jordan and LeBron James regarding the GOAT debate. But there is perhaps no right answer as both are truly greats in their own rights. However, King James broke the all-time scoring record that belonged to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar last season at 38. The Los Angeles Lakers ‘Captain’ held that record for exactly that many years (38).

After breaking the scoring record, LBJ mentioned he believes he is the GOAT, but he doesn’t mind arguments regarding this. The King is about to play in his 21st season in the NBA. He is also number four on the all-time assists list. Moreover, King James won four championships and four MVP titles. Adding to that, he has also won four Finals MVP. Hence, the question arises if LBJ can play one more season in an MVP standard. Moreover, can he fight for the 5th ring while winning his 5th MVP along the way?


What If LeBron James Win His 5th MVP At 39?

LeBron James
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Recently, a columnist, Ernest Leo Hernandez, acknowledged the fact that it won’t take too long before Father Time catches up with LeBron James. With all due respect to LBJ’s incredible longevity, there is not much time remaining before his body finally makes him hang his boots. But LeBron James is racing against time to equal the greatness of Michael Jordan. MJ won five MVPs. Can LBJ retire with five MVPs, too? Moreover, if he does win his 5th MVP, then he will reignite the GOAT debate.

On top of that, if the Lakers are able to provide him with the perfect supporting cast, then it is still possible. Moreover, LBJ can create another big media stir with the MVP at 39 headline. However, LeBron James will have tough competition from Nikola Jokic and Joel Embiid. They have been the top two contenders for the MVP for the last three years. But LBJ is famous for breaking records. If he is truly the greatest, then he might beat Jokic and Embiid next season. 

Can LBJ Do The Unthinkable At 39?

LeBron James
Feb 7, 2023; Los Angeles, California, USA; Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (6) speaks after breaking the record for all-time scoring in the NBA during the third quarter against the Oklahoma City Thunder at Crypto.com Arena. Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

However, LeBron James will be 39 next December. He would want to win his 5th NBA ring at 39. At least, before he hangs his boots, LBJ would like to finish with five rings or maybe even more. But the way things are going, perhaps one more ring might be the most he can expect to win. If the Lakers need to win the title in the next season, they will need LeBron James and Anthony Davis to play more than 60 games. The great James-Davis duo has not managed to play as many games due to injury concerns in the last three seasons.

But the Lakers will forever remember the James-Davis duo for helping them win the 2020 Bubble championship. As mentioned before, LeBron James is getting older every day. Moreover, he sustained a severe tendon injury last February that made him sit outside the court for almost the whole of March. On top of that, he almost retired after the Laker’s humiliating exit last season.