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NBA Legend Claims LeBron James’ Extensive Involvement In Team Decisions Is “Maddening” For Teammates

LeBron James is arguably one of the biggest names to exist in the NBA. His stature and aura as a top player in the sport are unmatchable. After all, the Akron native has been in the business for two long decades. Even at the age of 38, James is as healthy as ever and has vowed to return for his 21st season. He will be representing the Los Angeles Lakers in the upcoming season.

Meanwhile, James has been part of multiple teams in the past. He began his storied career with the Cleveland Cavaliers, then moved to the Miami Heat before eventually ending up with the Lakers. However, during his past stints, the veteran has been accused of meddling with front-office matters. Recently, an NBA legend called James out for the same.


John Stockton Says LeBron James’ Influence In Front Office Leads To Insecurity Among Teammates

LeBron James
Los Angeles Lakers’ LeBron James looks downcast in the closing minutes of their defeat to the Denver Nuggets. (AP Photo)

LeBron James is a highly influential athlete on and off the court. Over the past two decades, he has built a name and aura for himself. His understanding of the game makes him one of the greatest athletes of the sport. Hence, James’ insights are highly valuable, and the teams that have been associated with him previously benefited from them. However, at times, his unnecessary sniffing can cause a sense of distress among his teammates. At least, that’s what NBA legend John Stockton believes. In an interview with the DNP-CD podcast, John said that James has always dictated front-office decisions over the past several years. He is unable to understand what the veteran is trying to achieve, but it sends the wrong message to the unit.

According to Stockton, LeBron James’ influence in franchise decisions instills a sense of insecurity among his teammates. They are always thinking that one player in the locker room could be responsible for their ouster in the near future if they fail to perform and maintain a good relationship at the same time. James has been accused of meddling with team affairs in the past. He apparently played a huge role in building the Miami Heat by controlling free agency decisions in 2010. Not only that, LeBron’s former teammate, Kyrie Irving, confirmed the veteran’s mega involvement in rebuilding the Cleveland Cavaliers team during his second stint. Even with the Lakers, the 38-year-old was labeled as the main culprit who carried out the failed Russell Westbrook trade.

Kyrie Irving Turns Down Proposal To Join Lakers

LeBron James
Credit: Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Meanwhile, during last season’s trade deadline, LeBron James apparently pushed the Lakers to trade Kyrie Irving. Irving asked the Nets for a trade-off just days before the deadline. Moreover, LA apparently gave in to Bron’s request as they made an offer, which the Nets owner seemingly rejected. Meanwhile, ahead of the off-season, rumors of the Irving-Lakers union gained momentum.

However, Kyrie Irving rejected those rumors during his Instagram livestream. A young fan asked him about his thoughts on joining the Lakers and reuniting with his old bud, LeBron James. However, to the fan’s disappointment, Irving replied, “Never.” The point guard is expected to continue with the Dallas Mavericks for the next NBA season.