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“The Best Ball Handler Ever” LeBron James Rekindles Hope To Reunite With Kyrie Irving Despite All The Signs

NBA star LeBron James has been waiting for a reunion with Kyrie Irving for a very long time. They helped end the Cleveland curse back in 2016 together. In fact, it was Irving’s shot that won the Cleveland Cavaliers the 2016 NBA Championship. It was a very emotional moment for the Cleveland and Ohio natives. But primarily, it was the highest point in the career of LeBron James. Finally, his homecoming had the perfect result. He left the successful run with Miami Heat to return to the Cavaliers to bring a title back home. And teaming up with Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love, King James was able to keep his promise.

Later this year, when Irving requested for free agency to leave Brooklyn Nets in 2023, the Los Angeles Lakers jumped at the opportunity to acquire him. But the Dallas Mavericks got him due to a better package offer to the Nets. Once again, in the offseason, the Lakers had a great chance to buy Kyrie Irving with a contract worth $126 million. But the problem was the Lakers’ short cap space due to the presence of LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Moreover, Rob Pelinka and the Laker’s front office wanted to keep the core together. Hence, it was ultimately not possible to acquire Irving. But James expressed his desire multiple times in 2023 to reunite with Kyrie Irving.


LeBron James Calls Kyrie Irving The Best Ball Handler ‘Ever’

LeBron James Kyrie Irving
LeBron James Kyrie Irving Source: NetsDaily

The idea of three big players – Irving, James, and Davis, would make the Lakers literally a championship-worthy team. As per Brian Windhorst of ESPN, it is possible to see Irving reunite with James. He gave a possible scenario where it might actually be possible. Windhorst, on his podcast on Spotify, mentioned that he feels LeBron James would like to play alongside Davis and Irving in the same team.

Moreover, according to an ESPN analyst, the best pair with a point guard that LeBron James ever had was Kyrie Irving. However, recently, hooper credited Kyrie Irving as the best ball-handler of the league ever. In response, James reposted that on his Instagram story, writing one word in block letters, “EVER.” These two former teammates never leave an opportunity to compliment each other. Since Dwayne Wade is not available anymore, the Lakers front office may consider the past success of reuniting Irving and James to build a team that will be a championship contender.   

Will James Win Another Title?

LeBron James
LeBron James Source: Sports Illustrated

LeBron James led the Cavaliers to four back-to-back NBA Finals from 2015 to 2018, with Kyrie Irving as his right-hand team. But LeBron James joined the Lakers in 2018. Since 2019, James found a new partner in Anthony Davis, with whom he won the 2019-20 season. It was the King’s fifth championship. But will it be his last?

That is the question the Lakers, the King’s fans, and the NBA wonder. Moreover, the Lakers are in dire need of another big man who can take the pressure off Anthony Davis just a little bit. Since the Lakers’ front office traded Russell Westbrook, they have their eyes on certain big players who can replace him.