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NBA Investigating LeBron James On PEDs Allegation? Will The Lakers’ Ace Get Suspended?

LeBron James has been the only hope for the Lakers throughout the season. The Lakers have been plagued with injuries this time. The LA franchise could do so much better if they did not have so much trouble. Currently, they fell to the 11th place yet again, even after climbing up to the 9th seed. At first, LeBron James was the only chance for the Lakers until Anthony Davis came back fit.

Later, new entries like Malik Beasley and the former Lakers player D’Angelo Russell returning to the purple and gold brigade made things better for the team. It was looking really good until things went topsyturvy yet again. LeBron James hurt the tendon of his right foot and is out now for an uncertain period. People are speculating that he might not even return this season. Moreover, another situation is standing in front of James as a big hurdle for his future. But what is that?


A New Headache For LeBron James And The Lakers!

The Lakers have only 15 games remaining, and chances for the postseason look slim and sometimes even slimmer. After all this, there is a new headache for the Lakers star, LeBron James. There are allegations against him suggesting that he has been using PEDs. This allegation is very serious as NBA does not allow any kind of drug use.

But over the twenty years of the NBA, the 4 times NBA MVP may have used PEDs to maintain his physique. There has been no confirmation about the news so far. But many people think that NBA has found evidence and will suspend LeBron James very soon. All these speculations started with Chael Sonnen claiming in a podcast interview with ‘Flagrant’ that he and James have the same source for PEDs.

What Will Happen If Sonnen’s Allegations Are Found To Be True?

LeBron James
LeBron James-LA Lakers

Sonnen said that he does not think it is wrong to use PEDs because it is helpful. According to him, PEDs help in the growth of red blood cells that helps in stamina. He also understands why James has been using this drug, as he needs to maintain his unique shape and size for over two decades. Now another source has revealed that NBA has got the evidence it needs to suspend the King. But there is no proof to say if it is true. It is hard to believe any information from this particular account to be true as they are famous for trolling.

Until now, LeBron James does not have any record of testing positive in doping tests ever. Hence there is no reason why people should believe the news completely. But NBA does have a bad reputation to take action against any drug use allegations. Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, has often been accused of protecting LeBron many times in the past. The Akron Hammer is 38 but has been performing better than anyone else in the current season. People wondered how he was able to do that. But then he suffered the injury. So there might be some truth to it about how the King was able to maintain his speed and his performance even after all these years. LeBron James is officially clean. Until he is proven otherwise by the NBA.