Brian Cashman, Michael Kay

New York Yankees’ general manager, Brian Cashman, broke his silence on the 2023 season for the first time this year. After owner Hal Steinbrenner concluded his address, Cashman spoke to the reporters waiting at the general managers meeting in Arizona. However, the GM’s conduct landed him in an unwanted controversy.

Brian Cashman is known for his candid and bold nature. Many times in the past, he has had a face-off with media personnel over pressing issues. However, this time around, Cashman took it a notch higher and defended the Yankees 2023 season debacle. Instead of taking accountability, the GM wasted his words trying to cover up, which enraged the fans as well as veteran Yankee broadcaster Michael Kay.


Michael Kay Says Brian Cashman Crossed A Line With His Latest Media Rant!

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman gestures while speaking on Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023, in New York. (AP Photo/Frank Franklin II)

Brian Cashman came out all guns blazing during his season-first media address. It was supposed to be a short address wherein the GM would take accountability for the lost season. Instead, it turned into a battleground as shots were fired from both ends. Cashman’s opening line itself caught the fans by surprise. He dropped an F-bomb and called the Yankees “good enough.” He further defended the franchise system and called out people by names for criticizing the club’s analytic system. It just got uglier with each passing minute, and Michael Kay, the veteran Yankee broadcaster, couldn’t be any more embarrassed.

Michael Kay is known for supporting and defending the Yankees during dire times. However, even he couldn’t find words to justify Brian Cashman’s unruly behavior. Kay feels that the GM crossed a line as a prestige franchise’s top executive. It’s not the way the Yanks operate. The anger and frustration from Cashman’s end was questionable and indefensible. “A Yankee executive does not talk like that publicly, does not use expletives like that, does not have that kind of mouth when the camera’s rolling,” added Kay. The broadcaster was deeply embarrassed by Cashman’s behavior and urged him to be a little more respectful towards the media and the Yankee fanbase. They do not deserve this kind of harsh address after witnessing a devastating 2023 season.

Yankees Likely To Lock James Rowson For Hitting Coach’s Role!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Casey dumped the hitting coach’s position at the New York Yankees, citing family reasons. He served during the second half of the difficult 2023 season and produced decent work. While the club wanted him back for 2024, Casey wasn’t willing to compromise on his family duties. Thus began the Bronx Bombers’ journey to find a replacement. As the off-season commenced, the Yanks shortlisted a few candidates, including former Yankee world champions.

However, the front office has apparently reached a consensus on an outside face. Brendan Kuty of The Athletic revealed that the Yankees are likely to reach an agreement with Detroit Tigers assistant hitting coach James Rowson. Rowson earlier served six years as the Yanks’ minor league hitting coordinator, wherein he worked with captain Aaron Judge while the latter was just a rookie. Thus, James has a strong understanding of the team’s internal working system, which is a huge plus.