Captain Aaron Judge Yankees 9 2023

The New York Yankees had a tough time in 2023, and Captain Aaron Judge spoke up about how they use numbers to understand the game. General Manager Brian Cashman recently shared that Judge thinks they should pay more attention to simple stats like RBIs and batting average. The team’s stats weren’t great last season, and there’s talk about the need for better teamwork. Also, the Yankees are looking for a new hitting coach, with James Rowson being a top pick. His return could be a big deal for the team as they try to do better in the next season.

Fixing the Yankees: Brian Cashman Talks About Concerns

At a press conference during the GM meetings in Arizona, General Manager Brian Cashman finally spoke up about the issues raised by Judge. The much-anticipated reveal provided insights into the challenges the team is facing. Cashman noticed that Judge emphasized the significance of basic stats like RBIs and batting average. This suggests a potential change in how the team approaches and values statistics. The Yankees experienced a significant contrast between their outstanding 99-win performance two years ago and the less-than-impressive 82-win result in 2023. Cashman delved into the reasons contributing to the team’s challenges, seeking to understand the factors behind the drop in performance.

Yankees/Brian Cashman

The decline in offensive production was evident as the team ranked No. 25 in runs scored and second-to-last in average. This prompted a reconsideration of the team’s focus on statistics. Despite recognizing the importance of stats, Cashman’s comments hinted at a broader issue—blaming and a lack of togetherness within the team. Now, the challenge isn’t just about dealing with the statistical issues. It’s also about building unity and teamwork among the players and coaching staff.

Judge’s Former Coach Eyed as Hitting Coach: James Rowson’s Possible Return

The Yankees, after hitting coach Sean Casey left, are actively looking for a replacement to improve their offensive strategy. Enter James Rowson, a familiar face with connections to the Yankees. Reports from Erik Boland and Joel Sherman suggest that Rowson is a strong contender for the hitting coach position. Rowson’s connections with the Yankees trace back to his position as the minor league hitting coordinator from 2014 to 2016. During this period, he collaborated closely with Aaron Judge. James Rowson, the former Tigers’ assistant hitting coach, might make a comeback, bringing a wealth of experience. He has coached with the Angels, Cubs, Twins, and Tigers, adding valuable insights to the Yankees.

James Rowson Yankees 9 2023
Yankees/James Rowson

The Yankees offering a contract to Rowson demonstrates their commitment to bringing in a coach with a proven track record. It also reflects their desire for someone who deeply understands the dynamics of the organization. As the team looks to reshape its offensive strategy for the upcoming season, Rowson’s potential return could mark a crucial turning point in the Yankees’ pursuit of success. The Yankees find themselves at a crucial moment, dealing with the aftermath of a challenging season. Aaron Judge’s influence has prompted some soul-searching, leading to a reevaluation of both statistical priorities and coaching personnel. As the team navigates the offseason, the potential addition of James Rowson may signal a step toward reclaiming their winning ways in the highly competitive world of Major League Baseball.