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Mercedes, one of the powerhouses in Formula 1 racing, has been struggling for the past two seasons, majorly because of their faulty car design. The team developed a zero-pod-designed car in 2022, which resulted in a lot of bouncing and proposing issues. In a surprising turn of events, the Silver Arrows decided to stick to the W13 concept and manufactured the W14 for the 2023 season accordingly.

As expected, the results stayed the same. While Mercedes contained the proposing issues, the car lacked pace, which put them behind the Aston Martins and Ferraris, with Red Bull’s way too far from their reach. The team realized their mistake since the initial test run in Bahrain and started working on an upgrade that is set to be introduced in the upcoming Monaco Gran Prix. Ahead of the race weekend, the pictures of the new car design got leaked.


Mercedes Tweaked The Side Pod Of W14 As Part Of The Upgrade Package

Twitter- Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

Brackley-based Formula One team, Mercedes, faced a setback when the Imola Grand Prix got canceled due to extreme weather conditions. The team initially planned to introduce the upgrade package in Italy as it remained an ideal circuit. However, the cancellation of the GP will force the team to introduce the upgrades in the tight circuit of Monte Carlo. Regardless, Mercedes had no choice. Meanwhile, ahead of the race weekend, a few journalists present on the paddock have leaked the images of the new car design of W14.

Twitter user Bryson Sullivan shared a few pictures on the social media website and claimed that the car’s side pods look much larger. The goal is to enhance the aerodynamics of the car to increase the overall pace eventually. Still, the pictures remain unclear to extract any more specific information. On the other hand, the team principal, Toto Wolff, had earlier stated caution. He asked the fans to keep their feet grounded and not expect a drastic difference in pace. The upgrades remain just a step in the right direction. Closing the gap to flying Red Bulls remains a highly impossible task for now. They are 30-odd seconds behind. Let’s hope the former reigning champions get back in the competition.

Toto Wolff Says Monaco Could Be The Step In The Right Direction For Silver Arrows

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff is plotting how to get Mercedes competing at the front of the grid againCredit: Rex

Mercedes is gearing up to introduce a huge upgrade package for the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix. However, the team principal, Toto Wolff, warns against huge expectations. The boss said there exists no silver bullet in the sport of Formula One which can transform the car overnight. Monaco will be an opportunity to learn what works best for the car. The introduction of upgrades is a step in the right direction. They will not draw too many conclusions from one race weekend as the car will develop pace over the course of time.

Toto Wolff further added that Formula One is a tough and competitive sport that leaves no scope for error. Mercedes has made mistakes and are self-aware. It is a true fact that the team is not where it should be. But with sheer hard work and reliance, they can rise to the top. Ultimately, all the racing team wants is to prove a stable and predictable car to the drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell.