Lewis Hamilton F1
Lewis Hamilton F1

Lewis Hamilton is not only the most accomplished racer in Formula One History but also an avid reader of the car. What does the car need, and what does it not? Things that are causing the increase in weight and vice versa never miss the eyes of Lewis Hamilton. This depth of knowledge of the car does not come easily to every driver. It comes with experience, and Hamilton is the second oldest driver on the grid after Fernando Alonso. However, it is not only an age factor, but it happens with a thirst for knowledge. If Lewis Hamilton does not feel that the car is good. He will not feel confident enough to go full throttle which is his strength.

The seven-time champion narrowly missed his eighth title back in 2021. Since then, the Briton has been waiting for his team to provide him with the best car they can produce. Last season was a disaster for Mercedes as well as for Lewis Hamilton. Perhaps an even bigger failure for him as, for the first time, Lewis was not able to win a single race in a season. The W13 car had all sorts of trouble with porpoising issues causing tremendous bouncing. Hence, it was vital for the German team to do some significant upgrades to the new car.


Toto Wolff Accepts That They Avoided Ideas Of Lewis Hamilton

Toto Wolff Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton, Toto Wolff Mercedes

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff recently accepted the fact that Hamilton had advised the engineers not to use their “no side pod concept of the car.” The Principal said, “Yes, Lewis had a different idea, but we decided to go the other way depending on the positive results of the end of the last year.” He accepted that now they realize that it was simply the wrong idea to follow through. Wolff even reckoned that “When a seven-time champion has some suggestions, it should be carefully examined.”

However, the Brackley team is paying the price now. Perhaps this season is not going to bring any hopes for a title in the Mercedes team. So now, they should get ready for the next season. But the question is will Lewis Hamilton stay with the German team after yet another failure? His contract ends after the 2023 season gets over. So, chances are that the Briton might move to other some other team in the next two or three years. 

Hamilton Does Not Have Full Confidence On The Car Yet

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

In the pre-season tests in Bahrain, it looked like the W14 car had much fewer bouncing issues, but the car is facing big trouble with the balance. And later, after the Australia GP, the seven-time champion declared that the car had a significant issue with the cockpit. The seat position is too far forward to the front wheel.

It is not helping Lewis Hamilton gain confidence to drive the car full throttle. That’s why on the straight line, Red Bull could easily overtake the W14 car. After the opening race in Bahrain, the Mercedes driver mentioned that the team did not take many of his suggestions that could help the car avoid several issues it is currently facing.