SF-23 Ferrari

Once again, following their traditional Red paint, the Scuderia Ferrari team raised expectations for their championship win. The last time the team won was in 2009. Since then, neither Sebastian Vettel nor Charles Leclerc could succeeded in bringing a championship to the Scuderia team. However, last year, with every effort they could put in, Ferrari managed to secure a runner-up position in the constructor’s championship.

Their star driver, Charles Leclerc, never failed to astonish fans with his brilliant driving skills. Still, unfortunately, due to the mechanical collapse, he always had to face the last-moment defeat. In 2022 the team successfully adjusted to the ground effect floors, but due to the low-cost budget, they could not bring more upgrades that would have made Leclerc the winner of the season as he won three of the initial races back-to-back.


In the 2023 Formula One championship, Ferrari is all set to give a tough challenge to the rival team, Red Bull. Meanwhile, Mercedes, too, is included in the battle for the title, this time with their black livery W14 strong car. However, Ferrari has assured their win in the three-way battle with their brand-new SF-23. In order to prove a strong comeback, the team launched several changes in the car, and some of them are really risky on it being legal.

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Ferrari is Sure Of Being Under The Rules Despite Rivals Claiming It To be Illegal

On February 14, the day when the rest of the world celebrated love with red roses, Ferrari celebrated it with their brand new red F1 car. In Maranello, the team unveiled their 2023 F1 challenger and also revealed the aerodynamic innovations they have used in the car. And as the rivals were starstruck with the red shine, they could see nothing but the S-Duct concept that the Scuderia team brought in the SF-23.

Ferrari has brilliantly used the feature in order to bring better airflow to the rear part of the car, which will also affect low down. However, this idea of the Maranello-based team has got a lot of discussions. Interestingly, some claimed it to be ILLEGAL. According to an Italian outlet of Formu1a.uno, the rest of the Formula One teams are not letting Ferrari proceed with the S-Duct as they have alleged it to be illegal.

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On that note, FIA emerged to request Ferrari for clarification on the matter. The governing body asking for a sheet of justification is not a big deal in Formula One. Not since when there has been a constant change in regulations. Sometimes the teams fail to adjust to the sudden change in rules and, by mistake, launch something illegal. But sometimes, the F1 teams use the loopholes of the technical regulations and remain hidden from the rivals’ and FIA’s eyes.

Now, Ferrari’s take on the allegation is, “we are certain that the solutions adopted on the SF-23 are fully within rules.” The team does not agree with the fact that the S-Duct concept is illegal