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Mercedes Protesting Red Bull’s RB19’s Height! Claims It Is Running Significantly Lower Than Required

Everybody knows Mercedes boss Toto Wolff and Red Bull boss Christian Horner are arch-rivals on and off the race track. Neither Wolff nor Horner will cut each other any slack if there are things to voice an opinion about. Last year when Mercedes did not have a clue how to handle the porpoising issue, the rivalry took a nasty turn.

During the Canadian Grand Prix, the Mercedes boss said in an interview that he expects the authorities to devise a solution for every team’s porpoising issue. In reply, the Red Bull boss said it was their problem, not all the other teams. They should fix their own problem themselves. Hence the two teams and the two bosses have no place for harmony or unity. And now, another issue regarding the F1 challenger of one of the two has come up. And the other team is all set to take the issue to the next level. But what is that?


Mercedes Believes RB19 Is 10mm Lower Than The Rest

Christian Horner with Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) And Christian Horner (Red Bull)

After three days of pre-season testing, it was evident that Red Bull was driving their car at a little lower altitude. A Mercedes official spoke to Auto Motor und Sport and revealed that the RB19 car is 10 millimeters lower than every other car. Driving that low would make the underbody of the W14 car break, according to the anonymous Mercedes official.

Footages on all the cars are available during these testing schedules, and all the teams like to have a keen knowledge of the other team’s cars. Mercedes pointed out that RB19 is too close to the ground. According to Toto Wolff, “Red Bull accelerates at first, and later they brake. Eventually, with better traction, they gain a lot of time. We won’t even get closer to the apex if we have the same approach towards the corners.”

Lewis Hamilton Discusses The Lack Of Bouncing In RB19

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) Red Bull RB19
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) And Red Bull RB19

The seven-time champion also has expressed his concern about the difference between the Mercedes and Red Bull cars. Lewis Hamilton shared his thoughts, saying, “the level of the problem of porpoising the two teams have to tackle with their respective car has been an issue even in the last year. It seems it will be a little bit too this year.” But Hamilton did say that there’s been a considerable reduction in bouncing. This change in the car has made things a lot easier and better. However, even he knows that the W14 car needs to pick up a lot more speed. If they want to compete with the big boys – Red Bull and Ferrari. The seven-time champion also said that staying positive is the key to the moment.

Meanwhile, fans and media experts have also been impressed with the design of the RB19 car. All thanks to Adrian Newey. The car might be 10 mm lower than the rest, but it is faster than the rest too. In these three days, RB19 did not display any problem while running. After these pre-season tests, Ferrari P2 has also proved to be ahead of the W14 of Mercedes. The Red Bull looks like almost four-tenths and six-tenths faster than the Ferrari and the Mercedes, respectively. With the power of the car, Red Bull has confirmed their image as the favorite for the upcoming season.