Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes
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As the Formula 1 season races towards its climax, Mercedes finds itself on the edge of uncertainty and weather-related challenges leading up to the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Riccardo Musconi, Mercedes’ Head of Trackside Performance, highlights the formidable obstacles the team anticipates facing, from unpredictable weather conditions to the unprecedented nature of the Las Vegas track.

Mercedes Facing Another Rival In The Form Of Weather

Mercedes, known for its careful preparation, is confronting a unique hurdle in the form of weather uncertainties in Vegas. George Russell’s Race Engineer Riccardo Musconi apparently recognizes the weather as a crucial factor. He believes it could significantly impact the team’s performance in the Las Vegas Grand Prix. Scheduled around midnight, the sessions pose an additional challenge due to the chilly conditions typical of Vegas at this time of year. Moreover, the use of the softest tire selection further complicates the situation.

F1/Riccardo Musconi

Musconi explains, “It’s a completely new ball game. The weather is going to play a big part in it. It is quite cold at this time of the year in Vegas, especially with the sessions happening around midnight, and the tires we have, the softest selection, is adding an extra dimension to the problem.” He further emphasizes the unique situation all teams find themselves in. The absence of historical data for the Las Vegas track makes the upcoming race a journey into the unknown. The thorough preparations conducted by Mercedes at the factory highlight the team’s dedication. They are committed to addressing various dimensions and aspects more comprehensively than their usual routine.

Will Lewis Secure A Win in Vegas?

Amidst the challenges and uncertainties, all eyes will once again turn to the star driver, Lewis Hamilton at the Vegas. The tough Grand Prix in Sao Paulo has left Mercedes striving to solidify their second-place standing in the constructors’ championship. And Mercedes is still facing the challenge of regaining momentum after a challenging race in Brazil. However, the looming threat of Ferrari, only 20 points behind, adds intensity to the team’s pursuit. The Sao Paulo Grand Prix was described by the Silver Arrows as a ‘miserable’ weekend. It witnessed Hamilton finishing eighth, and George Russell had to retire from the race.

Lewis Hamilton F1 10 2023
F1/Lewis Hamilton and George Russell

Furthermore, Hamilton’s post-race sentiments express hope for “two more races with this thing.” He also expresses a desire for no more driving it, subtly hinting at the driver’s dissatisfaction with the current car. With the Las Vegas Grand Prix on the horizon, Mercedes aims to bounce back from their Brazilian setbacks. The question lingers: Can Lewis Hamilton secure victory in Vegas and propel Mercedes to a stronger position in the constructors’ championship? As the team grapples with the unknowns, the pressure intensifies, making the upcoming race a crucial moment in their pursuit of success.