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In the exciting world of Formula 1, where fast cars and big events are the norm, Red Bull ace Max Verstappen is making headlines for being different. He recently talked about not being like Lewis Hamilton, who loves hanging out with famous people at parties. Max likes a simple life, spending time with family and doing things he loves, like simulator racing. He’s not just a racer but also owns a team called Redline. Let’s explore how Max’s down-to-earth style contrasts with the glitz and glamour of Formula 1 and how his success is changing the game.

Low-Key Lifestyle of Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen, recognized as the new face of Formula 1 by Time, stands apart from the typical celebrity image linked with the sport. This distinction sets him apart in the glamorous world of racing. In a candid interview, the Dutchman expressed his lack of interest in hanging out with famous movie stars. He also mentioned his disinterest in mingling with other high-profile figures at extravagant parties. Verstappen, despite winning three World Championships and breaking the 50-race win mark, stays down-to-earth. Moreover, He prefers quality time with family and stays engaged in his off-track passions. The 26-year-old’s unique approach extends to his leisure activities, with a particular passion for simulator racing. Notably, Max Verstappen goes beyond racing on the tracks; he even owns his own esports team called Redline. This showcases his dedication to various aspects of the racing world beyond the traditional physical competitions.


Max Verstappen continues to dominate Formula 1, recently achieving a significant milestone. He joined the elite club of drivers with over 50 career race wins, a feat accomplished by only a handful in the history of the sport. Former Formula 1 driver Alain Prost, one of the legends in the sport, shared his thoughts on Verstappen’s accomplishment. In an interview with L’Équipe, Prost expressed pride in being part of this exclusive group. He passed the torch to Verstappen, acknowledging the beauty of the Dutchman’s unique career narrative. Also, Verstappen’s recent victories in the Mexican and Brazilian GPs strengthen his position as a frontrunner in the 2023 Formula 1 season. With only two races left, anticipation builds for the unfolding drama in the final stretch of the competition.

Christian Horner Calls Out Lewis Hamilton’s “Selective Memory”

In the midst of Red Bull’s resurgence and Mercedes’ struggle with the new regulations, Red Bull’s Christian Horner took a swipe at Lewis Hamilton’s perspective. Horner accused Hamilton of having a “selective memory” while reflecting on Mercedes’ dominant era. He suggested that the British driver might be overlooking the extent of their past successes. Meanwhile, Hamilton, a vocal critic of Red Bull’s current dominance, faced criticism for his comments. Horner emphasized the stark contrast between Mercedes’ past glory and their current challenges. As the Formula 1 season progresses, Lewis Hamilton’s despondent outlook continues to cast a shadow over Mercedes’ aspirations.

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Furthermore, after a disappointing race in Brazil, where Mercedes struggled to match Red Bull’s pace, Hamilton expressed skepticism. He doubted the possibility of closing the performance gap in the next two seasons. Despite Mercedes maintaining a lead over Ferrari in the constructors’ championship, Lewis Hamilton remains uneasy. His concerns about Red Bull’s dominance linger, casting an air of uncertainty over the future. As Max Verstappen charts his own course with a modest lifestyle and remarkable racing achievements, the Formula 1 landscape undergoes a significant change. Meanwhile, Lewis Hamilton grapples with the challenges of a changing competitive landscape, leaving fans eager to witness the unfolding drama in the remaining races and the seasons to come.