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Mercedes’ George Russell Compares W14 To A “Lame” Horse! Urges Fans To Keep Their Feet Grounded

Mercedes’ brand new W14 is highly flawed, and it was evident during the initial test run of the 2023 Formula One. Moreover, as the season progressed, the car’s pace gap with that of Red Bull’s kept on widening. Hence, as of today, they are nowhere close to contesting for the championship. Regardless, the team is working hard to put up some competitive performances to cheer up the loyal fans per se.

The Silver Arrows will introduce a much-needed upgrade package during the upcoming Imola Grand Prix. While the updates are unlikely to have any immediate benefits, it is said to enhance the design of the W14 to make it more stable and driveable. Despite all the promises, the Mercedes’ drivers are not happy with the machinery and have openly criticized it time and again. This time, the 25-year-old British driver, George Russell, has sought a unique analogy to describe the current state of the car.


George Russell Calls W14 A “Lame Horse”

George Russell
George Russell interviewed at Zandvoort in September 2022. Credit: Alamy

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team has a huge task on the desk this season. Their machinery for the season is wrecked, to be honest, and needs some serious fixing. While the team has promised to introduce a significant upgrade in the coming week, it is unlikely to have any major benefits in the immediate future. Hence, it’s safe to say that the reigning champions of Formula One will not be contesting for the ultimate title this year. Meanwhile, the Silver Arrows driver, George Russell, used a unique analogy to describe the accurate condition of the W14.

In an interview with the Mirror, George Russell compared the W14 to a riding horse. He explained his point, saying that Mercedes is a faster horse than Williams for sure. However, for the moment, it is a lame horse who is not interested in riding. It has a lot of performance in it, but it is unhappy and does not want anyone to ride it. Russell further added the horse, meaning the W14, has its own head and might throw you off the road sometimes. However, to prevent that, he has to build an understanding and a relationship, which will eventually make it more fast and tame. Well, that certainly was a unique way to put it, and let’s hope Mercedes can get that horse all up and running this weekend.

Mercedes Fans Must Keep Their Feet Grounded Amid Major Trade Package Introduction

Credit: XPB Images

Every person associated with Formula One is excited to see what Mercedes has in store for the upcoming Imola Grand Prix. They have promised to introduce an upgrade package which will enhance the overall production of the car. However, here’s why the fans should not get their hopes up. Indeed the upgrade will alter the whole look of the car. However, it is unlikely to enhance the pace of the car in the foreseeable future.

The idea behind the initial upgrades is to improve the floor stability of the car so that the team can feed on it to bring in more upgrades which will then help in improving the speed of the machinery. Hence, the Mercedes fans must stay in check with reality and just back the team for now as they deal with this rough patch. Regardless, the upcoming Imola GP will bring in a lot of action and excitement, and hopefully, the Mercedes supporters find something to cheer for.