Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance Launch
Mercedes-AMG F1 W14 E Performance Launch

In Formula One, only if there were no rules would the cars have started to fly in the sky so far. But just as there is a rule book given by FIA under which all the teams proceed, the developments are limited. However, some of the teams manage to find a loophole in the rulebook, and thus, boom! They make out some unique features that no other team would ever imagine. And even FIA could not find it illegal. This has happened with many lucky teams in history. And this is what is happening with the Mercedes-AMG-Petronas Formula One team in 2023.

After surviving the worst career year in 2022, the Silver Arrows have announced their strong comeback with the black W14. The surprising change in livery remained the talk of the world last day. Not only was the color in discussions, but Mercedes also shocked everyone with the concept of the aerodynamics they used in the 2023 championship-winning single-seater.


Mercedes Used The ‘Outwash’ Concept That Was Banned In 2009

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In order to achieve the dignity they had before 2022 back, Mercedes has implemented the ‘Outwash’ concept of aerodynamics, which is banned in Formula One. This particular concept has a history. In 2009, Jenson Button won the championship because, in the Brawn GP001, they used the outwash aerodynamics concept. FIA found that this concept has allowed the teams to have large volumes of air away from the edges of the car. The visible approach was the specifically shaped front wings used in the car. Looking at these advantages, FIA just banned the concept and made it illegal in the rulebook of Formula One.

However, the F1 constitution often undergoes evolutions. In 2014, then in 2022, and again in 2023, a set of technical regulations was imposed by the governing body. And these regulations play a major role in a team’s victory. Like in 2014, it was the turbo hybrid rules that made them win eight constructor’s championships, and in 2022, the ground effect floors allowed Red Bull to bring back its winning era.

Now The Aerodynamics Will Automatically Get Enhanced, And Thus The Silver Arrows Will Win!

With the end of the turbo hybrid era, the ground effects emerged. This provided a downforce and almost finished the outwash concept. However, with this concept, only Red Bull and Ferrari managed to stay stable. And the rest of the teams, including Mercedes, faced serious porpoising issues. Seeking the first victory of the season, the team tried to add parts in the front wings of the W13. This helped them improve the level of outwash on the sides. But soon, even before the upgrade went on the grid, FIA banned it, and Mercedes had to remove the front wing design.


But looking at the condition of the porpoising problems that are even risking the drivers’ lives, FIA brought a revision in the rule in 2023. Now the teams are allowed to add components in the front wings of the car, which introduces the outwash. And looking at the brand new black W14 that Mercedes launched on Wednesday in Silverstone, one can notice how beautifully the team has taken advantage of the loophole in the rule.

Mercedes has added the side pods in the car same as it was in W13. However, the added parts are very close to the endplate, which is counted in the structure of the car. The shape Mercedes has used can easily enhance the aerodynamic performance of W14. It produces a downforce because of the air management towards the lower area of the front wing. Ferrari has also used a similar concept, and so far, both teams are under the rules. So No Problem!