Mercedes W14 Concept

Mercedes have suffered enough over the last year because of the poor condition of the cars. Last season was the height of the worst performance of the team due to the cars. That is why, the condition of the W14 cars for the next season is a big subject of discussion in the F1 world of fans and experts. Will the new car be able to help Hamilton and Russell retain the title for the Silver Arrows? Toto Wolff and the team would definitely not want to repeat their past mistakes but rather correct them.

But unlike Red Bull, the Silver Arrows have not yet launched their new car for the next season. The date scheduled for launching the brand-new W14 cars is on February 15, 2023. And the venue is Silverstone. So what if Red Bull has launched their RB19 car on February 3? Even then, the latest news from is that the engineers of Mercedes may not be able to finish the product before the launching date.


Why Mercedes Is Not Changing Their Side Pods Design?

Mercedes W14 - Silver Arrows
W14 Silver Arrows

According to sources, the engineers might have to work overtime to complete the development of W14 cars before the February 15. Now everybody is asking the same question. Why did the Silver Arrows fall behind schedule? Making things more and more difficult for themselves to make a historic comeback to get into the title contention. The reason for the delay is said to be the last minute change of the W14 design, which caused problems in producing the much-needed parts. Hence the mechanics and the whole team needs to work harder and faster to prevent their season from getting postponed.

It looks like the Silver Arrows may not have changed their philosophy about narrow aerodynamic side pods. According to sources, the Brackley-based team will continue with the same philosophy from the last season that ended horribly. If the saying, “history repeats itself,” for Mercedes in the upcoming season, turns out to be accurate, then the chances look really meek. The Silver Arrows may not again cross the third place mark in the constructor’s championship this time.

Need For More Horsepower

W14 Black Car Of The Silver Arrows

Other than the side pots, the Silver Arrows team is also working on more horsepower. The team is reportedly looking for ten more powerplants in Brixworth. If they actually manage to get these extra horsepowers, then it would be immensely beneficial for the Mercedes racers, Sir Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. The more horsepower, the more help they will get to retain what once was theirs. The better reliability will cause the more gain for the engine.

This factor is essential because performances will no longer be updated after the problem with the engine freezing. According to, The W14 car of the Silver Arrows will have carbon fibre in many places. Generally, teams don’t prefer using paint as it increases the weight of the car. The speed of the car is inversely proportional to the weight of the car. For example, what happened last week at the launch of the C43 cars of Alfa Romeo Racing?