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Mercedes Chief Technical Director To Make Ultimate Sacrifice To Safeguard Team’s 2024 Season Campaign!

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, the eight-time constructors champions, were seemingly dethroned by Red Bull racing in 2022. Since then, while the drink-based outfit went on to script new records, the Brackley-based team struggled to stay put in the middle of the grid. Moreover, the year 2023 was no different either.

While Mercedes sits on P2 in the constructors championship, the quest to defend won’t be an easy one. Having said that, the team has already shifted focus to 2024. They know there isn’t much left to salvage this season. It’s in the team’s best interest to ensure that they start strong in 2024. Moreover, to help solidify the quest, the team’s chief technical director took a major step with his approach.


James Allison To Devote 100% Focus On 2024 Challenge, The W14!

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James Allison returned as Mercedes’ chief technical director earlier this year. His job was to fix the wrecked W14. However, the damage done back at the factory in Brackley during winter was unsalvageable. There was no room for Allison to offer his expertise. Thus, he has taken a big step to safeguard the team’s future. In a recent interview, James confirmed that he has stopped working on modifying W14. Instead, he will be giving his entire attention to the development of W15 to ensure that the Silver Arrows sets foot right in 2024. Allison added that W15 is going to be a completely different car conceptually compared to W14.

Thus, it requires his full attention. Additionally, winter will begin in two months, which leaves less room for Mercedes to design a brand-new concept car in time for the 2024 season. Having said that, James Allison reassured the fans that the development has been moving in the right direction. “I think much of what ails us now is reasonably understood, and we’re working to fix that,” added Allison. Earlier, team principal Toto Wolff also confirmed that the team is going to change a lot in 2024, largely which will focus on getting back to basics. That being said, the modification of W14 won’t stop anytime soon. The Brackley-based team has one upgrade scheduled for Austin, which will focus on providing a better understanding.

Mercedes To Introduce New Floor In Fresh Upgrade!

Twitter- Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 Team

Meanwhile, Mercedes has committed to continue working on W14 to get a better understanding of the dynamics. The learnings of those will be put to use while developing the W15 car. Recently, James Allison confirmed that an upgrade has been scheduled for the coming race weekend in Austin, USA. As a part of the upgrade package, a new floor will be introduced to the W14.

Having said that, James Allison issued a caution to the fans and asked them to keep their expectation in check. He reaffirmed that these upgrades are meant for a better understanding of the functioning of the car and not for performance enhancement. The ship of W14 has already sailed, and there is no room for significant development. Thus, Mercedes will keep their focus directed towards W15.