Bryce Harper
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The New York Yankees, despite their storied history of success, have had their fair share of failed trades over the years. These trades, which didn’t pan out as expected, often left fans and analysts questioning the team’s decision-making. While it’s always an if and but situation with regard to trade acquisition, it’s the pattern that concerns the fans the most.

Yankees are heavily dependent on analytics. Besides inducting numbers into the technical stuff, the team also introduced analytics in trade deals. This strategy was highly criticized by the fans, but the cries fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile, a WFAN radio host called out the Yanks for one such particular failed trade pass, which he believes was the beginning of the end of the franchise.


Sal Licata Says Bryce Harper Continues To Embarrass Yankees!

Bryce Harper
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Celebrated outfielder/baseman Bryce Harper entered free agency in 2019. The left-hander was considered a perfect fit in the Bronx as his swing suited the Yankee stadium. However, the Bombers passed on that opportunity by claiming their roster was full. In 2019, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Aaron Hicks were the team’s top outfield candidates. However, what followed proved to be the team’s biggest nightmare. Harper signed with the Philadelphia Phillies and witnessed a meteoric rise. He has been an All-Star, won the National League MVP award, and played a pivotal role in leading the Phillies to a World Series victory.

Not only that, Bryce Harper is currently leading the Phillies to another championship quest whilst the Yankees sit at home to watch in dismay. WFAN radio host Sal Licata recently used Harper’s example to prove his point of how the Yankees have not been the same under Hal Steinbrenner. He earlier stated that the Bombers are not serious about winning a championship ring. Moreover, their recent failed trade deals serve as a perfect testament to his opinion. Licata also added that George Steinbrenner would not have let such an opportunity pass under any circumstances. “It is not just Bryce Harper. It is symbolic of the Yankees’ failures for years. They don’t operate like they used to,” added Licata.

WFAN Hosts Rips Apart Hal Steinbrenner For His Ridiculous Clubhouse Renovation Plans!

Sa Licata, Hal Steinbrenner

Hal Steinbrenner reassured the fans of potential off-season changes. However, it’s not what the fans had imagined in their wildest dreams. While the supporters expected some bold changes, Steinbrenner burst their bubble with a ridiculous plan. In a recent interview, Hal said that the franchise will renovate the Yankee clubhouse by reforming the dining area and adding a sleeping and therapy room. Needless to say, the Yankee owner faced backlash for his statements from WFAN radio hosts Boomer and Gio.

The duo laughed off Steinbrenner’s renovation idea and called it lousy PR stuff. “It just sounds terrible. That incites a fanbase that is already pissed off,” said Gio. The hosting duo said that remodification of amenities won’t get you wins. It’s a strong roster and the right mindset that leads a successful franchise. This stuff means nothing when the fans expect a lot more after a lost season like the one that unfolded in 2023.