Mercedes W14 Sidepods
Mercedes W14 Sidepods Source: Sky Sports

Mercedes had been hoping to add new upgrades to the W14 car since the opening Grand Prix in Bahrain. It was clear from the get-go that the same zero side pod concept is not going to produce any fruit any time soon. Hence, they were in desperate need of modifications and fast. On the other hand, their arch-rivals, Red Bull, had it all too easy as they have won all the races so far. Apparently, the main reason is the exquisite design of the RB19 car. It is clearly a remarkable piece of work, with the car’s floor making the main difference. All thanks to the tireless work of chief technical officer Adrian Newey and his technological team.

On the other hand, Mercedes has been struggling with their car since last year. Even now, they have not figured out a way to beat the current leaders this season. Last year they won a single race in Brazil with the zero-side pod concept, and it gave them false hope. Although in the current season, Mercedes showed improvement with new upgrades in Spain. And looks like they need more upgrades to keep coming to every race, but due to cost cap regulation, it does not seem possible.


Mercedes Are Out Of Luck With No More Upgrades Available Due To Cost Cap

Mercedes W14 Upgrades
Mercedes W14 Upgrades Source: Yahoo Movies UK

This season, the Mercedes drivers have vehemently complained about the W14 car’s rear downforce and seat position. But the bad news for Lewis Hamilton and George Russell is that the team can change the chassis only after this season gets over for the next year. Hence, team Mercedes will have to do with whatever they have got now. After the horrible start to the current season, the modifications in Monaco came as a breath of fresh air. On top of that, in the next Grand Prix in Barcelona, Spain, Mercedes had their best performance of the season so far. They earned their first double-podium finish.

Lewis Hamilton gained his second podium of the season after the Australian Grand Prix and his 193rd career podium finish. On top of that, George Russell was happy to get his first podium this season. More or less, it was a success for the former champions. But they were still 24 seconds slower than RB19. Hence, they were hoping to add new upgrades. Mercedes drivers even teased their rivals to beware of their new upgrades in the next race. But they cannot have new upgrades owing to the cost cap limitations. If they don’t want to breach the cost cap, then new upgrades this season are out of the question.

The Former Champions Will Have To Work With Whatever They’ve Got Now

Mercedes W14
Mercedes W14 Source: Sky Sports

After the Spanish Grand Prix, the Brackley team looks stronger than before. They have new side pods plus front and floor suspensions. Moreover, after the race in Spain, George Russell mentioned, “The magic lies on the floor and not in the side pods.” These improvements will enable more stability and better airflow. The Mercedes engineering director, Mr. Andrew Shovlin, also suggested that it also improves the performance ceiling. It is unfortunate the team cannot change the chassis. As he mentioned, “Our focus for the next year would be to work on the rear suspension. The essential thing is to get the best result after bringing the car’s dynamics and the aerodynamics together.” Clearly, Mercedes will look to optimize it even further next year.