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Mercedes boss Toto Wolff is excited to share details about a new project despite the struggle on the F1 grid continues. The Brackley-based team was looking forward to the sixth Grand Prix race on the F1 calendar this year to implement new upgrades to their W14 car. But the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix got washed out due to a terrible flood in Italy. Evidently, it was a big blow to the team, which has been struggling since last year. Moreover, it does not seem like the end to their woes is anywhere near.

The Silver Arrows’ chief is trying his best to help the engineers and the rest of the team to provide the best car for both the drivers, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. Despite all these challenges, he cannot afford to sit back home and lament because he has too many responsibilities. Mercedes F1 team is a big powerhouse along with Red Bull and Ferrari in F1 sport. These powerhouses have a lot of business ventures and projects to work on as the seasons of Formula One keep going. To achieve the requirement, Toto Wolff recently revealed the idea to revamp the entire Mercedes campus in Brackley, England.


Toto Wolff Talks About New Mercedes HQ Campus

Mercedes HQ Campus
Mercedes HQ Campus Source: FormulaPassion

Recently, Mercedes’ boss spoke about the influence of Silicon Valley in the USA for this new project in Brackley. Reportedly, they are planning to develop brand-new benefits and amenities for the Mercedes people. While describing the infrastructure of the new HQ, Toto Wolff mentioned, “It is going to be the ‘best in class’ campus.” He revealed that the plan to complete the whole revamp work is within or before 2025. Apparently, the idea for Mercedes HQ is to help in the growth of effectiveness and efficiency. Wolff added that they have already spent 40 million euros and will need another 30 million euros to finish the project.

On top of that, Wolff explained that the source of power will be entirely renewable energy. There is going to be a new car parking and will also comprise a solar array on site. In addition to that, during the press release, the Mercedes boss mentioned that they are trying their best to emulate the highest quality of technology campuses in the USA. The ambitious project of the Mercedes F1 team is directly targeting the finest minds in the industry to join their rank.

Mercedes Boss Wants To Foster Innovations

Toto Wolff
Toto Wolff Mercedes Source: Marca

Toto Wolff further explained the goal of retaining and attracting top talents to the Mercedes campus. It was more than clear that this project is immensely valuable for the sustainability of the Mercedes team’s success. This campus will offer a cutting-edge facility. The Austrian boss said that the idea of building the best technology hub is to foster innovations. As well as help to create breakthroughs in the design and engineering sectors. For Wolff, it is a fight for storing and hiring talents.

Hence, the process starts with the Mercedes F1 team building itself as an attractive employer. Moreover, they are not sparing any expense on advanced technological infrastructures and building an environment where everybody collaborates with each other.