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Lewis Hamilton, Vini Jr

Mercedes ace and seven-time Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton has always been an open advocate of social justice. Being the only driver of back ethnicity on the grid, the Briton often took a stand on matters of racism and other social issues. His act often landed him in controversies, and he even faced backlash from the FIA. Despite the odds, Hamilton never gave up his stand.

Having endured racial abuses while growing up, Lewis Hamilton has made a life mission to put an end to this hate crime. Whenever any case of racial injustice takes place in society, Hamilton has always been the first one to show support and solidarity to the victim. Hence, this time around, when Real Madrid’s star footballer, Vinicius Jr, once again faced racism, Lewis did not fail to speak out against the vicious act.


Lewis Hamilton Stands In Solidarity With Vini Jr After The Latter’s Latest Encounter With Racism

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Brazilian footballer Vinicius Jr who plays for Real Madrid, recently had a second encounter with racism. Playing against Valencia, Vini heard loud racial chants from the crowd. The footballer complained to the referees, but when the match officials refused to intervene, Vini took matters into his own hands and confronted a few fans on the sidelines. The player even pleaded with the referees to do something when a scuffle broke out between the Valencia goalkeeper and Vini. A Valencia player grabbed Vini’s neck. Surprisingly, the referee issued a red car to Vini rather than protecting him from racial abuse. An emotional Vini Jr had tears in his eyes, and he took to social media to express his disappointment.

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Vini wrote it’s the second time he has faced such a hate crime in Spain, and it feels awful that La Liga is doing absolutely nothing to end this issue. Real Madrid has further submitted an official complaint, and the league has promised appropriate action if any case of hate crime is proven. As soon as Vini shared his painful orderly on Instagram, members of the sports fraternity rallied their support for the footballer. Among them was Mercedes ace driver Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton reshared Vini’s post on his Instagram and assured him that he was standing with him in this fight for justice. Racism is slowly becoming a norm in sports, with multiple players facing hate crimes on a daily basis. It’s a saddening reality, and the concerned authorities must take stricter action to put an end to this evil practice.

Hamilton At The Center Of Racial Abuses In F1 Community

Lewis Hamilton is the one who knows the pain of enduring racist slurs. Ever since his early days in school, the Briton has encountered multiple incidents of racial abuse. He thought achieving success on the tracks of Formula One would finally put an end to this. However, racism is a deep-rooted disease that needs proper treatment from the authorities in charge.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton believes his ‘extra drive’ to support the Black Lives Matter campaign led him to success in 2020 (Getty)

Meanwhile, the Female Driver and Areto Labs conducted a survey that revealed that 5,500 tweets containing racial slurs were directed toward Hamilton during the 2022 F1 season. Some of them also targeted Sky Sports presenter Naomi Schiff. This report states how problematic society has become. The man who remains at the top of his sport, who has achieved almost every possible thing, is not safe.