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Given how long and tiresome Formula One seasons can be, it only makes sense to have a summer break in between the races. Although, it might not be the only break in Formula One in the future. This is because the governing body of the motorsport is considering a mandatory winter break.  

Formula One Might Get A Winter Break!

In order to counter the impacts of the constantly-expanding schedule, Formula 1 plans to enact an obligatory winter halt. Since a few years ago, F1 has kept its factories closed and key staff members from working on sports-related issues throughout August. Beginning with the conclusion of the season\’s record-breaking 24-race schedule, which will take place next winter. Returning to China in April, where F1 is scheduled to take a break akin to its summer vacation, raises some doubts, though.


Fans are aware that in 2023, the break will start on December 23 and go until January 2 on Monday. Teams only take Christmas Day and New Year\’s Eve off throughout the Christmas and New Year seasons. Sporting Advisory Committee members have discussed the issue. Despite the fact that it hasn\’t been verified or accepted, it is believed to have the teams\’ significant support. Giving rise to the expectation that it will eventually be implemented.

Toto Wolff, the team principal for Mercedes, has backed the proposal. He thinks that it would benefit his crew because this season ended sooner than usual because of the World Cup\’s wintertime scheduling. But also demanded that the winter closure be approved. The longer-than-usual F1 season may have detrimental effects, but the new winter break may be the solution. For the drivers and the squad as a whole, the 24-race schedule may get monotonous.


The usual four-week hiatus between races in the calendar is now accompanied by an obligatory two-week factory closure period throughout the month of August under current F1 rules. Wolff thinks that the additional required downtime period would assist the F1 teams\’ personnel. This is despite the fact that workers can take alternative holidays. Toto Wolff also stated that many of the team Principals would want to duplicate what they had in the summer. At least beginning with Christmas and continuing into the new year for two weeks. He is, therefore, totally in favor of the required winter break.

On the other hand, Otmar Szafnauer, the head of the Alpine team, asserted that from his perspective, his squad is participating in an increasing number of events. Furthermore, if F1 doesn\’t compel shutdowns, then individuals get around it since it offers a tactical advantage. As a result, it would be beneficial for everyone if F1 eliminated that advantage and everyone took that time off. Even though principals seem to be in favor of the winter break, it is still in discussion and not final yet.

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