Mercedes Believe Losing Top Engineers To Rivals Is The Reason For Their Downfall! Trying To Get The Workforce Back


What exactly is Mercedes missing, doing wrong, and leaving behind? Why on earth the team with eight consecutive constructor’s titles is getting defeated with almost all races of the season? With the start of the turbo hybrid era, the Silver Arrows started their reigning period and dominated for a decade. But just as the 20s began, and the turbo hybrid era got banned, Mercedes started to fall. In 2022, with the ground floor effects, the Brackley factory got shaken.

In 2023 Mercedes, even with the black livery W14, underneath the changed concept, Mercedes is not matching what the championship demands. The W14 remained miles away from the podiums. Lewis Hamilton managed to raise the speed of the car from 324.4km/h to 333.4km/h in the Bahrain Qualifying and in the Grand Prix, respectively.

The Two Engineers Toto Wolff Should Not Let Go

Toto Wolff And Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes W13 was still at least worth being third in the constructor’s championship in 2022. But this year, the W14 is just “getting backward”; Aston Martin has replaced them. It is shocking for Mercedes fans to digest the fact that Fernando Alonso’s team, with its Mercedes engine, rear suspension, and wind tunnel, is bridging the gaps while Mercedes is creating the distance. Fans need justification from the Siver Arrows, and so here it comes. The team’s principal, Toto Wolff, counts on these issues to justify the team’s down performance.

Speaking with Auto motors und sports, boss Toto Wolff admitted that the loss of two engineers from Mercedes is probably the main reason for the team’s downfall. As a matter of fact, the two engineers got transferred to Red Bull and Aston Martin, who are literally rocking right now. The names of the two engineers whose departure left an immense impact on the team are Eric Blandil and Enrixo Balbo. Very happily, Blandin is now working with the Astons, and Balbo is with the Austrian racing team.

Lewis Hamilton Might Leave Mercedes In Order To Reach His Ultimate Goal

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton (seven-time Formula One world champion)

Given this, a question comes to fans’ minds. What about Hamilton’s ultimate goal? What about the eighth title, the championship for which he came back? Will he be able to achieve it with Mercedes? One of the former Red Bull drivers, Mark Webber, believes Hamilton needs to SWITCH in order to fulfill his dream and break Schumacher’s record. Hamilton has already turned 38. He barely has two to three years left in his F1 career. And with what the Silver Arrows is providing him right now, he may let his dream get slipped away. Mercedes “needs to pull socks up,” Webber said in terms of securing the seven-time world champion in the team.

Hamilton has always been with Mercedes. In fact, he made the German Formula one team stand tall to become what it is today. Remained loyal for 10 years, but cars like W13 and 14 are not something he signed for. Hamilton has claimed that he is not a part but the family of the Mercedes. So the German team should also pay him for the blind trust. Salary can fulfill the stomach, but only wins can, and a strong car fulfill the heart.