Zak Brown and Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen, a name that has been echoing through the stands of every racing circuit since 2021, has become a fan favorite. His exquisite racing skills and consistent track domination have earned him a place in the hearts of many. Despite the controversy surrounding his maiden world title, Verstappen has been a force to reckon with. He is setting his sights on a fourth title with three consecutive world championships under his belt and four out of six victories in 2024. 

However, McLaren racing CEO Zak brown uniquely interprets the Dutchman’s skills. Since Lando Norris won the recent Miai GP, Brown has been on a verbal spat spree with Red Bull officials. His recent remark might shock the Orange army. 


Brown Suggests Verstappen Unlikely to Win World Championship with Another Team

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Red Bull Racing

 Since the departure of Red Bull’s Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey, the team’s management has been under scrutiny. The rival teams are not holding back, taking every opportunity to poke fun as the internal power struggle unfolds. Zak Brown, at the forefront of the criticism, has sparked tension with his recent remarks about the Milton Keynes employees. He claimed that the Red Bull staff often approached him, citing a toxic environment at RBR. Moreover, he feels Adrian Newey was the first of the many dominos to fall, as others would make a move, too. Now, he has targeted the star Red Bull driver, Max Verstappen. 

While the McLaren head lauded Verstappen’s controlling skills, hailing him as one of the best drivers’. He was not shy about admitting the role of Red Bull’s car in Verstappen’s success. He responded to whether a star driver or a top designer is more crucial by stating that a successful team requires both. Further, Brown explained that a team does need a star driver, but first, it always starts with a powerful car. Additionally, he pointed out that six to seven drivers could win the world championship with RBR’s RB20 car. However, he bluntly emphasized the car’s importance in Verstappen’s domination, stating that the Dutchman wouldn’t have been as successful with any other team.

Lando Norris Can Defeat Max Verstappen ‘In a Fair Fight’

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F1 Twitter

While his controversial statement triggered the Orange Army, Brown gave his perspective on the Norris-Verstappen rivalry on track. Lando Norris became the first driver to defeat Verstappen at the Miami Grand Prix. The race result was altered due to the safety car deployment. However, Zak Brown feels the McLaren can beat the reigning world champion in a ‘straight fight.’

Further, during a media interaction, Brown said the battle between these top talents will be fun to watch. It will end ‘in tears’ for one or the other. While he acknowledged Verstappen’s speed, his comment that a fair battle can only occur when Norris is in the same car has sparked controversy. Consequently, this ongoing verbal battle between Red Bull and McLaren could spill over to the racing circuit, significantly increasing the excitement.